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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Crystal Shankha for Wealth , Prosperity , Good luck and removal of negativity

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Crystal Shankha/Conch is symbolizes the Maa Lakshmi and used to strengthen an area or vigorously expand an area which is restricted and painful. Sphatik Shankh is very blessed stones for the ancient and present cultures. It is believed that if Crystal Shankha is placed in locker there would never be any lack of money in that house. Crystal Shankha usually is hand crafted by high quality Sphatik and bottom of it normally make dense and solid. Crystal Shankha holds the light and reveals gorgeous rainbows and power which also lays in its growing structure and getting up towards light form variety depths of the earth. Crystal Shankha/Conch acts as a catalyst, a conductor of energy.

Crystal Shankha has a quality of both a receiver and transmitter. In the early morning put Crystal Shankha in a container of water and then bathe with it, this water removes negativity and brings goodluck. If Crystal Shankha is placed in the work area, it eliminates financial problems and gets profits in business. Put Crystal Shankha at home or place of work is a positive way to become rich and successful. It is believed that Crystal Shankha banishes poverty and improves one's profits in business. Most of the Gods and Goddesses hold the Shankh in their hands. Shankh is one of the auspicious nine objects of Kubera who is the Lord of wealth. Crystal Shankha represents Goddess Lakshmi.

Weight of Crystal shanka varies between 10-15 gms (approx.)

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