Sloka Sada Sarvada Ram Sanniidh aahe with meaning

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According to Hindu Mythology Rama( राम ) is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu and a king of Ayodhya. Rama is also the protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana, which narrates his idealistic ideas and his greatness. Rama is one of the many popular figures and deities in Hinduism, specifically Vaishnavism and Vaishnava religious scriptures in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Along with Krishna, Rama is considered to be one of the most important avatars of Vishnu. In a few Rama-centric sects, he is considered the Supreme Being, rather than an avatar.

Born as the eldest son of Kausalya and Dasharatha, king of Ayodhya,Rama is referred to within Hinduism as Maryada Purushottam, literally the Perfect Man or Lord of Self-Control or Lord of Virtue. His wife Sita is considered by Hindus to be an avatar of Lakshmi and the embodiment of perfect womanhood.

Ram and his brothers Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughna were the Chaturvyuha expansions of Vishnu (Vasudev, Sankarshan, Pradyumna, Aniruddha). Rama's life and journey is one of adherence to dharma despite harsh tests and obstacles and many pains of life and time. For the sake of his father's honor, Rama abandons his claim to Ayodhaya's throne to serve an exile of fourteen years in the forest. His wife Sita and brother Lakshmana decide to join him and all three spend the fourteen years in exile together. While in exile, Sita is kidnapped by Ravana, the Rakshasa monarch of Lanka. After a long and arduous search, Rama fights a colossal war against Ravana's armies. In a war of powerful and magical beings, greatly destructive weaponry and battles, Rama slays Ravana in battle and liberates his wife. Having completed his exile, Rama returns to be crowned king in Ayodhya and eventually becomes emperor, rules with happiness, peace, duty, prosperity and justice—a period known as Ram Rajya.

The legend of Rama is deeply influential and popular in the societies of the Indian subcontinent and across South East Asia. Rama is revered for his unending compassion, courage and devotion to religious values and duty.

Sada Sarvada Ram Sanniidh aahe

सदा सर्वदा राम सन्नीध आहे।
मना सज्जना सत्य शोधुन पाहे॥
अखंडीत भेटी रघूराजयोगू।
मना सांडीं रे मीपणाचा वियोगू॥

sada sarvada raam sanniidh aahe
mana sajjana satya shodhuuni paahe
akhandiit bhetii raghuraaj yoguu
mana saandi re miipanaachaa viyoguu

Lord Rama is always standing near us. Let us see the truth. Let us unite with Lord Rama forever. Let us shun ego that keeps us in separation from Lord Rama.

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