Sloka Taan bhoosuta mukti mudaarahaasan with meaning

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Taan bhoosuta mukti mudaarahaasan Sanskrit sloka is unique in itself, which convey both the Stories of Rama and Krishna in a Single verse, in a palindrome format. The sloka was written by the scholar Dyvagyna Surya Pandita in the 14th Century, is a marvelous example of palindromic verses.

You read straight, you get Ramayana.

Read it in the reverse order, you will get Sri Krishna’s Life Story

This Sloka when read forward relate to Rama and the Ramayana, and when read in reverse, it relates to Krishna and the Mahabharata.

एक अद्भुत श्लोक सीधे पढ़ने पर श्री राम का वंदन करता हैं और उल्टा पढ़ने पर श्री कृष्ण का।

Taan bhoosuta mukti mudaarahaasan sloka

"तं भूसुतामुक्तिमुदारहासं वन्दे यतो भव्यभवं दयाश्रीः ||१|| 
श्रीयादवं भव्यभतोयदेवं संहारदामुक्तिमुतासुभूतं ||२|| 

Taan bhoosuta mukti mudaarahaasan vande yato bhavan dayaashree ||1|| 
Shree yaadavan bhavy latoy devan sanhaaradaamukti muta subhootaan ||2||

तं भूसुतामुक्तिमुदारहासं वन्दे यतो भव्यभवम् दयाश्रीः ।

Taan bhoosuta mukti mudaarahaasan vande yato bhavan dayaashree ||1||  

I pay my homage to Him who rescued Sita, whose laughter is captivating,whose incarnation is grand, and from whom mercy and splendor arise everywhere.”

श्रीयादवं भव्यभतोयदेवं संहारदामुक्तिमुतासुभूतम् ॥ 

Shree yaadavan bhavy latoy devan sanhaaradaamukti muta subhootaan ||2||

I bow before that Sri Krishna, the descendent of Yaadava family; who is a divinity of the sun as well as the moon, who destroyed Putana the who only gave destruction,  and who is the soul of all this universe.”



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