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Bhuvaneshwari mahavidya book (भुवनेश्वरी महाविद्द्या)

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Goddess Bhuvaneswari holds the fourth position among the Dus Mahavidya's. Mata Bhuvaneshwari is the Goddess, who rules over the universe. She is also regarded as the creator, apart from being the sustainer of the world. Goddess Bhuvaneswari is a form of Goddess Shakti worshipped and highly revered by Shakti sect of Hinduism. Bhuvaneshwari mahavidya book deals with all details and subjects related to Maa Bhuvaneshwari.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Goswami Prahlad Giri
  • Publisher - Choukhamba Krishnadas Academy
  • Language - Hindi and Sanskrit
  • ISBN - 978-81-218-0283-0
  • Binding - Paperback
  • Size - 9.0 inches x 6.0 inches
  • Pages - 338
  • Weight - 400 grams