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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Citrine mala for undisturbed sleep and removal of fears

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Citrine is the substitute for the Yellow sapphire gem,its also known as sunhela.Citrine emits a bright, sunny energy that brightens even the darkest corner and helps one to laugh without restraint. Citrine brings about undisturbed sleep and removes fear at night.Citrine is believed to be a sleep aide, to have an effect on dreams, sleeping, dreaming, insomnia, sleeplessness, nightmares, foretelling, rest, resting, psychic development, consciousness and mental energy.Citrine has been known by New Age healers to stimulate the dream process.

According to healers, Citrines use as a stone of self-esteem .Citrine relates to its power as an instrument for protection. When self-esteem is low, it is often a result of someone elses abuse of mental or psychic power and because it is believed to dissipate negative energy, Citrine is effective. They believe Citrine can be used to bolster personal power and protect against this type of abuse. Spiritualists credit Citrine with the power to open up channels into the inner self and the soul. Citrine brings knowledge of the ego, the soul and can result in a more grounded presence in life. They recommend the stone to men and women who seem to have lost their own will in relationships, business and life. Further, the stone will communicate survival instincts from the soul to the ego.Some have said that Citrine is excellent for ensuring the accumulation of wealth.

If used for Japas , Citrine mala can be used for Japas of Brihaspati ,Kubera , Maha Lakshmi , Vishnu and Ganesha.

Mala is made in traditional way with knots between the beads.

Total beads 108+1

Size of Beads - 7 mm

Quality of beads - Premium

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