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Set of 11 premium quality Gomati Chakras

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The listing is for Set of eleven pieces of premium quality Gomati chakras.

Gomati chakras is also considered one of the rare products and obtained from the Basin of Gomati River and few varieties of it are found in sea too . Gomati Chakra is also known as Sudarshan Chakra as it resembles the divine weapon of Lord Krishna - the Sudarshan Chakra. It is believed to bring luck and is used specially in spiritual and tantra rituals. One side of the Gomati Chakra is elevated like a shell while the other side is flat with circular design like whirl which looks like a snake. This is the reason why it is also know as "Naag-Chakra" i.e. snake chakra. According to Vedic Astrology, it is beneficial in cases of people who have 'Naag dosh' or 'Sarpa Dosha' in their horoscope.

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