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Sri Guru ( Brihaspati / Jupiter) yantra pendant in silver

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Guru yantra or Brihaspati Yantra is use to appease the planet Jupiter or Brihaspati.When Jupiter is malefic, the use of Jupiter yantra /Brihaspati yantra is very benefic and favourable. Jupiter Yantra negate the malefic effects of planet Jupiter and bestows power, rank and authority. Jupiter Yantra is best for profession and business. Guru Yantra is capable of removing all pains, afflictions and problems of one's life.

* Note : The images shown are of front and back side of pendant. The mention price is for 1 piece only.

Product details:-

  • Metal - Silver
  • Weight- 5.5 grams
  • Finish- Excellent
  • Use - To appease planet Jupiter