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Sri Sarv Manokamna puran yantra on bhojpatra

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Sri Sarv Manokamna puran yantra is for fulfillment of all desires.Its a very powerful yantra.This Yantra is an ideal gift for someone you love and wish to see prosper. It changes one’s luck for the better, brings about desirable outcomes and makes manifest one’s deepest desires. Such a Yantra is rare. It is traditionally regarded as an extremely lucky and auspicious gift as well as a lucky talisman to possess for oneself. It also kick-starts spiritual practices in many people as an agreeable side-effect. This Yantra has been specially energised to radiate its beneficial powers. It can be placed in your temple at home, on your worktable, in your cash box.

Embossed on 100% authentic Bhojpatra sheet and laminated for longer life .

As per Indian (Hindu) Shastras the Yantras written on "Bhoj Patra" are the best yantra to accomplish the task of that particular yantra. Bhojpatra is processed from the layers of the tree named Bhoj, which is in use since the ancient times.A general looking bhojpatra Yantra is actually a very powerful yantra. The people of India are directed by rishis and munis to pray their Lords and dieties in the form of different yantras to get protection from any kind of troubles like diseases, loans, business, service, job, marriage, friendship, children and black magic etc.It is said in the Hindu shastras that the yantras written and energised (praan pratishtha) on Bhoj patra are the best yantra to overcome these troubles and problems.

Size is 5"x5" inches