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Vayu Purana

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The Vayu Purana itself states that the Puranas were originally recited by the great god Brahma and that one has to understand the Puranas if one is to appreciate the Vedas and the Upanishadas.The first part of the Purana contains the general characterstics of the Purana, includes legends to glorify Siva, many Mahatmya, stotras and ritual texts, describes Pitrs and their cult. Part II comprises the last two of the four sections (Padas) into which the Purana is divided, viz (1)Prakriya. (2). Upodghata. (3) Anusanga. (4) Upasamhara.

Details :-

  • Language: English Translated into English by G.V. Tagare
  • Size : 22cm x 14cm
  • Total Volumes= 2
  • Binding : Hard Bound
  • Weight of books: 1.600 kgs(approx.)
  • Author: J.L.Shastri Ed.
  • Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass,Delhi-07