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Shri Ayyappan swamy pendant (dollar) in copper

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Lord Ayyappa or Ayyappan is a popular Hindu God worshipped across India but mainly in South India. The incarnation of Ayyappan is very special as he was born out of the union of Lord Shiva and the enchantress Mohini, who is regarded as the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hence he is also known as ‘Hariharaputhra’ which literally means the son of both Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Haran (Lord Shiva). Some of the other popular names of Lord Ayyappa include Sree Dharma Shasta, Hariharaputhran, Iyyappan, Swamy, lrumudi Priyan, Sabarigiri Vasan, Pamba Vasan, and Manikandan. Sabarimala temple in Kerala is the most famous Lord Ayyappa temple in India, visited by more than 30 million devotees every year.

The Ayyappan swamy dollar has been made in copper and size is around 30 mm (approx.)