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Shri Nakoda Bhairav chalisa ( श्री नाकोडा भैरव चालीसा )

Apr 20 2017 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Chalisa

Nakoda Bhairav is one of famous temple shrine of Lord Bhairava only . The miraculous deity of this place, Shree Bhairavji Maharaj was ceremoniously installed here in samvat 1511 by Acharya Kirti ratna Suri. This pilgrimage continuously prospered after the installation of Nakoda Bhairav. The miracles of this place found abode in the minds of the people. The devotees poured in from various places of the country and abroad. From time to time the pilgrimage has been restored and salvaged too. Till the seventeenth century, Jains were in majority in this pilgrimage, but later on, the residents of this place went...

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Shri Bhairav Chalisa in Hindi ( श्री भैरव चालीसा )

Apr 19 2017 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Chalisa

Shri Bhairav Chalisa is an 40 verse prayer sung in praise of Lord Bhairav. Lord Bhairav is an fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva.The term Bhairava means "Terrific". He is often depicted with frowning, angry eyes and sharp, tiger's teeth and flaming hair, stark naked except for garlands of skulls and a coiled snake about his neck. In his four hands he carries a noose, trident, drum, and skull. He is often shown accompanied by a dog. Lord bhairav's worship is very useful to win over your enemies, success and all materialistic comforts. It is very easy to please lord Bhairav...

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Sri Bhairav Chalisa in English

Dec 06 2016 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Chalisa

Sri Bhairav is widely worshipped by yogis to gain various siddhis. Sri Bhairav is regarded as the protector and therefore called kotwal. In astrology Lord Bhairav is the Lord of star (graha) Rahu so to attain the maximum benefits of rahu, people worship Lord Bhairav. Lord Bhairav is a fierce form of Shiva. Worship of Lord Bhairav is very useful to win over your enemies, success and all materialistic comforts. It is very easy to please lord Bhairav by doing normal worship daily. Coconut, Flowers, Sindoor, Mustard oil, black til etc are offered to the God to get blessings. Sri...

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Bhairabsthan Temple , Nepal

Nov 08 2016 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Pilgrimage, Temples

Kaal Bhairab Temple, Bhairabsthan , Palpa , Nepal. Kal Bhairab Temple (Bhairabsthan) is one of the biggest hindu temple of lord Kal Bhairab (Bhairav) . It is located about 8 KM from Tansen, district headquarter in between Tansen Tamghas road on the hill of Bhairabsthan VDC, in the mid western part of Palpa District, Nepal. This temple was build by Pratam Samser Rana. This temple has the biggest trident (trishul) of asia. The main statue of Lord Bhairab is kept hidden because it's sight is unbearable and frightening. There's a copy of the main statue which people can see and worship. The...

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काल भैरव अष्टक ( कालभैरवाष्टकम् )- Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam in Sanskrit

Sep 15 2016 Tags: ashtakam, Bhairav, Bhairavar, mantra, sanskrit

भगवान भैरव शिव के स्वरूप हैं। वे कलियुग की बाधाओं का शीघ्र निवारण करने वाले देवता माने जाते हैं। खासतौर से प्रेत व तांत्रिक बाधा के दोष उनके पूजन से दूर हो जाते हैं। संतान की दीर्घायु हो या गृहस्वामी का स्वास्थ्य, भगवान भैरव स्मरण और पूजन मात्र से उनके कष्टों को दूर कर देते हैं।भगवान भैरव के पूजन से राहु-केतु शांत हो जाते हैं। उनके पूजन में भैरव अष्टक और भैरव कवच का पाठ जरूर करना चाहिए। इससे शीघ्र फल मिलता है। साथ ही तांत्रिक व प्रेत बाधा का संकट टल जाता है। काल भैरव अष्टक देवराजसेव्यमानपावनांघ्रिपङ्कजं व्यालयज्ञसूत्रमिन्दुशेखरं कृपाकरम् ।...

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Bhairav Mantras

Jun 16 2016 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, mantra, Swarnakarshan Bhairav

Sri Bhairav is the guardian deity of the abode of Lord Shiva. Hence, he is also called Kshetra Pala. The term Bhairav means 'Terrific'. Sri Kala bhairava represents the protective energy of Lord Shiva, that the Lord created for protection, during the creation-dissolution cycle. He is the manifestation who oversees the march of time. The march of time is inexorable only because Lord Kala Bhairava makes it so. As the saying goes, time lost is lost forever. There's nothing more precious than time. So intelligent humans should use every moment effectively, ane be conscious of the spiritual path. And those...

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Kaalbhairav Ashtakam with English Translation

Jun 16 2016 Tags: Ashtakam, Bhairav, Bhairavar, Sloka

The Kala Bhairav Ashtakam was composed by the great philosopher saint of the 8th century AD Adi Shankara. It has a selection of 8 Slokams hence called a Ashtakam. It is considered highly auspicious to chant Kala Bhairava Ashtakam during Kalashtami day. Kala Bhairava Ashtakam is a stotram on Lord Kala Bhairava. God Kalabhairava is the destructive form of god Shiva. Kalabhairava is also regarded as the guardian of Lord Shiva Temples.  Deva raja sevya mana pavangri pankajam,Vyala yagna suthra mindu shekaram krupakaram,Naradadhi yogi vrundha vandhitham digambaram,Kasika puradhi nadha Kalabhairavam bhaje. 1 Meaning I salute Kalabhairava, the lord of the...

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