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Maha Kaal Bhairava Stotram in English - Yam Yam Yam Yaksha Roopam

May 07 2017 0 Comments Tags: Bhairav, stotram

Maha Kaal Bhairava Stotram 'Yam Yam Yam Yaksha Roopam' is a very Powerful Stotram. Kindly play the youtube video of Maha kaal Bhairav stotram at the bottom of this page to feel the vibes and energy of this stotram. Kala Bhairava is the fearful manifestation of Lord Shiva. The word Kala suggests that he is the controller of time and the word Bhairava suggests that he is the most terrible form. Though his form is fearful, Lord Kala bhairava is highly merciful to his devotees and worshipping Him shall bestow several benefits. Once you will listen to this stotram or starts chanting...

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Shri Narsimha Rin mochan Stotra in Sanskrit ( श्री नरसिंह ऋणमोचन स्तोत्र )

May 07 2017 0 Comments Tags: Narsimha, remedy, sanskrit, stotram, Vishnu

Shri Narsimha Rin mochan Stotra ( श्री नरसिंह ऋणमोचन स्तोत्र ) has been taken from Narsimha Purana. Shri Narsimha Rin mochan Stotra is a powerful sloka that when recited regularly will relieve people of their debts and insolvency however severe and acute. This powerful Narasimha stotram will be the oar which helps you sail through the sea of debt to the land of prosperity. Chant Shri Narasimha Rin mochan stotra atleast for 90 days unbroken and see how the doors of luck and opportunities open for you.    ॥ श्री नरसिंह ऋणमोचन स्तोत्र ॥ ॐ देवानां कार्यसिध्यर्थं सभास्तम्भसमुद्भवम् । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ॥...

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Shri Pashupatastra stotra in Sanskrit ( श्री पाशुपतास्त्र स्तोत्रम )

May 06 2017 0 Comments Tags: mantra, sanskrit, Shiva, stotram

Shri Pashupatastra stotra has been taken from Agni Purana adhyaya 322. By reciting Shri Pashupatastra stotra a person can remove the obstacles from their life. One should recite this 21 days unbroken morning and evening 21 times each daily. All problems in life will vanish and you will enjoy happy life. यह स्तोत्र अग्नि पुराण के 322 वें अधयाय से लिया गया है। यह अत्यन्त प्रभावशाली व शीघ्र फलदायी प्रयोग है। यदि मनुष्य इस स्तोत्र का पाठ गुरू के निर्देशानुसार संपादित करे तो  अवश्य फायदा मिलेगा। पाशुपतास्त्र स्तोत्रम के पाठ से आपके जीवन की सारी बाधायें जल कर राख हो जायेंगी । पाशुपतास्त्र स्तोत्र का 21 दिन...

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Shri Hanuman Tandav Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्रीहनुमत्ताण्डवस्तोत्रम् )

May 05 2017 0 Comments Tags: Hanuman, sanskrit, stotram

Shri Hanuman Tandav Stotra is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Shri Hanuman Tandav Stotra is very beneficial . One should recite this daily to get the blessings of Lord Hanumana and get rid of adverse planetary effects of Mars, Rahu and other planets. Regular recitation of Shri Hanuman Tandav stotra makes a person strong and helps him get rid of ghosts, devils , diseases , mishaps . Shri Hanuman Tandav stotra provides ultimate protection and works as a shield on body. श्री हनुमत तांडव स्तोत्र अत्यंत लाभकारी है । इसके प्रतिदिन पाठ से श्री हनुमान जी की कृपा प्राप्त होती है...

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Shri Hanumatprokta Mantrarajatmak Ramstav in Sanskrit ( श्री हनुमत्प्रोक्त मन्त्रराजात्मक रामस्तव )

May 04 2017 0 Comments Tags: Hanuman, Rama, sanskrit, stotram, Vishnu

Shri Hanumatprokta Mantrarajatmak Ramstav Stotram is in Sanskrit language. Shri Hanumatprokta Mantrarajatmak Ramstav Stotram is a beautiful creation of Sri Hanuman. Sri Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman in this Ramstav says that I bow to God Ram who formed a military of monkeys and bears. King of the monkeys was Sugriva. God Ram defeated Ravana with the help of this army of monkeys and bears. Hanuman says that I bow to God Ram who had given kingdom of Lanka to Vibhishana as Vibhishana surrendered to him. Vibhishana told Rama he is surrendering and joining his army. Sri Hanuman says...

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Amogh Shiva Kavach in Sanskrit ( अमोघ शिव कवच )

May 04 2017 5 Comments Tags: Kavach, sanskrit, Shiva, stotram

Amogh Shiva Kavach is the stotram that provides us Lord Shiva's halo of protection. Whatever be your problems, whether of the horoscope, or spirits or tantra or black magic, this kavach works. I emphasise, it works period! The beauty of this stotra is that you don’t need anything else (like a yantra) to recite it. All you need is complete devotion for Lord Shiva. Chant it once daily or as many times as you can. It is regarded as SWAYAM SIDDHA – that is, the benefits kick-in right after the first recitation. There is no minimum (or maximum) for this...

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Shri Maruti Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री मारुतिस्तोत्रम् )

Apr 25 2017 1 Comment Tags: Hanuman, sanskrit, stotram

Samarth Ramdas Swami has composed the Maruti Stotram , the great saint of 17th century. Here, Samarth Ramdas Swami describes Maruti (Hanuman) and praises him in the various stanzas of the Maruti stotram. The first 13 stanzas describe Maruti, and the later 4 are the phalashruti (or what are the merits / benefits that one derives from reciting this stotra). One who recites the Maruti stotram, all their troubles, difficulties and worries are vanished by the blessings of Sri Hanuman. They become trouble free from all their enemies & all evil things. It is said in the that stotram fulfills all wishes when...

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Shri Tulasi Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री तुलसी कवचम् )

Apr 25 2017 0 Comments Tags: Kavach, sanskrit, stotram, Tulsi

Shri Tulasi Kavacham prayer occurs in Brahmanda Purana. When engaged in fight with Tharakasura, Lord Subrahmanya becomes tired and prays Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva appears before him and teaches him this great stotra. Later by the power gained by reciting the Stotra, Lord Subrahmanya kills Tharaka. It is mentioned in this stotram, that it fulfills all wishes of those who are chanting it.   श्री तुलसी कवचम्  श्री गणेशाय नमः II  अस्य श्री तुलसीकवच स्तोत्रमंत्रस्य I  श्री महादेव ऋषिः I अनुष्टुप्छन्दः I  श्रीतुलसी देवता I मन ईप्सितकामनासिद्धयर्थं जपे विनियोगः I तुलसी श्रीमहादेवि नमः पंकजधारिणी I शिरो मे तुलसी पातु भालं पातु यशस्विनी II १ II ...

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Shri Mangal Chandika Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री मंगल चंडिका स्तोत्रम् )

Apr 20 2017 0 Comments Tags: Durga, Navdurga, sanskrit, stotram

Shri Mangal Chandika Stotram was composed in Sanskrit. Shri Mangal chandika Stotram is mentioned in Prakruti-Khanda from Brahmavaivarta Purana (Adhya 44/20-36). Shri Mangal Chandika stotram is chanted to receive the blessings from the Goddess Devi Mangal Chandika. All desires of the devotee are fulfilled by chanting this stotram for ten lakh times. Chandika or Ran-Chandi (Caṇḍīka) is the supreme Goddess of Devi Mahatmya (Sanskrit: Devīmāhātmyam, देवीमाहात्म्यम्) also known as Chamunda or Durga as mentioned in Durga Saptashati. Chandi is described as the Supreme reality who is a combination of Mahakali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswati. Later in the Murti Rahasyam she is described as Maha...

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Shri Tulasi Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री तुलसी स्तोत्रम्‌ )

Apr 19 2017 0 Comments Tags: sanskrit, stotram, Tulsi

Shri Tulasi Stotram is addressed to the sacred Basil leaf also known as Tulasi (ocimum sanctum). The basil plant (Tulasi or Tulsi) is considered to be an incarnation of the consort of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that if basil leaves are offered to Lord Vishnu, he would fulfill all the wishes of the devotee. Shri Tulasi Stotram was written by Sage Pundareeka who lived in Thirukdalmallai in Tamil Nadu. Tulasi is venerated as a goddess in Hinduism and sometimes considered a wife of Vishnu, sometimes with the epithet Vishnupriya, "the beloved of Vishnu". In India people grow Tulasi as the religious plant and worship...

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Shri Shani kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री शनि कवचम् )

Apr 19 2017 0 Comments Tags: Kavach, Navagraha, sanskrit, Saturn, Shani, stotram

Shri Shani Kavacham is in Sanskrit. It is taken from Brahmananda Purana. Shri shani kavacham is chanted to Propitiate an afflicted Shani/Saturn and achieve Rajayoga through complete blessings of Shani. Shani Raksha Kavach is a sacred medium of receiving divine blessings of Lord Shani. Shani Raksha Kavach is the ultimate defender against evil influence of Saturn (Shani). It helps you get success in profession, studies and other areas of life.  अथ श्री शनि कवचम्  अस्य श्री शनैश्चरकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रस्य कश्यप ऋषिः II  अनुष्टुप् छन्दः II शनैश्चरो देवता II शीं शक्तिः II  शूं कीलकम् II शनैश्चरप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः II  निलांबरो नीलवपुः किरीटी गृध्रस्थितस्त्रासकरो धनुष्मान् II ...

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Shri Surya Mandala Ashtak Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री सूर्यमण्डलाष्टक स्तोत्रम् )

Apr 18 2017 1 Comment Tags: Ashtakam, Navagraha, sanskrit, stotram, Surya

Surya Dev is one of the main deities of Hinduism. Surya Dev is considered the life giver and one who nourishes. Shri Surya Mandala ashtakam is from Aditya Hrudaya. Shri Surya Mandala ashtakam is hyme in praise of God Surya. It is said in the stotra that Surya mandal vanishes poverty and sorrow. Surya dev is the only Navgrah that is easily visible to the naked eye. Many scriptures uphold his importance as the chief among these nine planets.All life generates from the heat and light of the Sun. Without Surya, the entire universe would be covered in deep darkness and creation itself...

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Shri Pandurang ashtakam (Pandurangashtakam) in Sanskrit (श्रीपांडुरंगाष्टकम् )

Apr 17 2017 0 Comments Tags: Ashtakam, stotram, Vishnu

Shri Pandurang ashtakam (Pandurangashtakam) Stotra is a very beautiful creation of Shri  Adi Shankaracharya. Pandurangashtakam stotra was composed in Sanskrit. It is sung in praise of God Panduranga who is standing on a brick for his devotees, to give them blessings, peace and happiness and every thing they deserve. God Panduranga is Lord Vishnu’s avatar. Adi Shankaracharya tells us why he worships God Panduranga. Shri Panduranga is also known as Vitthal , Vithal or Panduranga Vithal. Lord Vithal, or Panduranga Vittala, is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped in the world famous Pandarpur Rukmini Vithal Temple at Pandarpur in Maharashtra....

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Shri Ganga Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री गंगा स्तोत्रं )

Apr 15 2017 0 Comments Tags: Ganga, sanskrit, stotram

Shri Ganga Stotram was composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. To Hindus Ganga is not merely a river, She is goddess, She is our mother. According to the Puranas (Holy Scriptures of Hindus), the sight, the name and the touch of Ganga takes away all sins. Ganga has been considered a sacred river since the Vedic age. Though the first Veda – the Rig Veda scarcely mentioned Ganga and considered Saraswati and Indus as holiest of all rivers, the later three Vedas – the Yajur, Sam and Atharva Vedas heavily mention Ganga as a scared river.  As per Hindu thoughts, bathing in the river...

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Shri Sankata Nashanam Ganapati Stotram with meaning ( श्री संकट नाशन गणेश स्तोत्र)

Apr 14 2017 0 Comments Tags: Ganesha, stotram

Shri Ganesh Stotram or Sankata Nashanam Ganapati Stotram is one of the most effective prayer to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha Stotram is taken from the Narada Purana. It eliminates all sorts of problems. Chanting Sankata Nashanam Ganapati Stotram daily frees a person from all kinds of impediments and destroys all sorrows. Sankat in hindi means problem and Nashanam means to remove forever. So , by chanting this Stotram one can remove their problems forever. In Sankata Nashanam Ganapati Stotram, Sage Narada explains the magnificence of Lord Ganesh. Sage Narada says that every person should bow his head and worship Lord Ganesha and ask for longevity and...

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Sri Hayagreeva (Hayagriva) Stotram in Sanskrit and English

Apr 12 2017 2 Comments Tags: Hayagriva, sanskrit, stotram, Vishnu

Shri Hayagriva stotram is Hymn in thirty two slokas on Hayagriva, the Supreme God of learning in Vaishnava Sampradaya. Hayagriva Stotram was composed by Sri Venkatadesika. In 1267 AD a great saint, poet and logician by the name Sri Venkatanatha was born, who was later to be known as Sri Venkatadesika. Sri Venkatadesika had composed hundreds of stotras and many other philosophical works such as a commentary on Vishishta Advaita, Brahmasutras, many natakas and kavyas of which, two of them viz., ‘Yadavabhudaya’ and ‘Paduka Sahasra’ are very popular and acclaimed works. Sri Venkatadesika went into raptures following this vision and the...

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Shri Kanakdhara Stotram in Sanskrit with meaning

Apr 11 2017 0 Comments Tags: Lakshmi, stotram

Shri Kanakdhara Stotram is the 21 mellifluous hymns on Goddess Lakshmi to alleviate Suffering and Grant Boons. Shri Kanakdhara Stotram is a powerful Sanskrit hymn dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of prosperity (both material and spiritual), wealth, fertility, good fortune, and courage. Goddess Mahalakshmi is the divine consort of Lord Vishnu and is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of miseries in life and money-related sorrows. Kanakdhara means “Torrential Rain of Gold from the Sky”. Shri Kanakdhara stotra was composed by Adi Guru Shankaracharya.Bhagavatpada Sankaracarya’s Kanakdhara Stotra also called by him as Surarnadhara Stotra studded with Anugraha...

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Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam ( श्री वेंकटेश सुप्रभातम् ) with meaning

Apr 09 2017 0 Comments Tags: stotram, Suprabhatam, Tirupati Balaji, Venkateshwara, Vishnu

Sri Venkateshwara or Balaji, is a form of the Lord Vishnu only.  Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam is a series of hymns written in poetic form, in 1430 A.D,by Pratvada Bhayankara Sri Anantacharya (also known as Annangaracharyar,and P B Annan), the Ramanujacharya of Kachipuram. This work of poetic art is meant for singing praises of Lord Sri Venkateswara while waking him up early in the morning, during the Suprabhata Seva at the holy Tirumala Temple, everyday. However, according to the Markandeya Purana - one of the Ashtadasa Puranas written by Sage Veda Vyasa – the last four stanzas of Sri Venkateswara Sthotram were actually...

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Shri Mrityunjaya Stotram in Sanskrit (श्री महामृत्युंजय स्तॊत्रम्‌)

Apr 07 2017 1 Comment Tags: sanskrit, Shiva, stotram

Shri Mrityunjaya Stotram is supposed to ward of all evils, remove fear of death and realize all wishes. Shri Mrityunjaya Stotram was composed by the ancient Sage Markandeya. This is one of the most powerful stotram among all. Sage Mrukandu prayed Lord Shiva for a son. Lord Shiva asked him whether he wanted an intelligent son who will live only for 16 years or foolish son, who will live for one hundred years. The sage chose the former. A son was born to him and was named as Markandeya. This boy became a very great devotee of Lord Shiva. On his sixteenth birthday,...

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Shri Subrahmanya Bhujangam Stotram with meaning

Apr 03 2017 1 Comment Tags: Bhujangam, Kartikeya, Murugan, stotram

Shri Subramanya Bhujangam is a stotra sung under inspiration by Sri Aadi Sankara at Tiruchendur. When he meditated upon Sri Subramanya, he became aware of a self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. Adi Sankara composed this hymn of 33 verses, in the peculiar Bhujanga metre, noted for its sinuous movement like that of a serpent.The hymn is full of piety, spiritual exaltation and ecstasy. It also reveals the efficacy of praise, prayer and meditation on Subrahmanya. Shri Subrahmanya Bhujangam stotra, the Bhujanga Stotra, is the outcome of the Acharya's ecstasy. It is the high...

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Shri Ardhanarishwara Stotram with meaning ( अर्धनारीश्वर स्तोत्रम )

Apr 03 2017 3 Comments Tags: Ardhanarishwara, Parvati, Shiva, stotram

Shri Ardhanarishwara Stotram was composed by Sri Adi Shankara bhagavatpada. Creator and Creation are One ~ Ardhanarishwara, composite of Shiva and Shakti together in one body. This form reminds us that Shiva is beyond gender, yet encompasses both genders. Shiva represents the unmanifest and Shakti the manifest; Shiva the formless and Shakti the formed; Shiva consciousness and Shakti energy, not only in the cosmos as a whole but in each and every individual. Ardhanarishwara form also illustrates how the female principle of God, Shakti, is inseparable from the male principle of God, Shiva. Ardhanarishwara in iconography is depicted as half-male and half-female,...

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Shri Annapurna Ashtakam with meaning

Apr 03 2017 0 Comments Tags: Annapurna, Ashtakam, stotram

Sri Annapurna Ashtakam is written by guru Adi Shankaracharya to praise and invoke the grace of Mother Goddess Annapurneswari. Maa Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food and cooking. She is the goddess who holds in one hand a jeweled vessel containing food and in the other a golden spoon to distribute the food among her devotees. She has the power to distribute food to an unlimited amount of people. Annapurna in Sanskrit is a combination of two words Anna + purna; 'Anna' means food and 'purna' means complete, together the term Annapurna literally means "one who is full of food." The verses...

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Maa Saraswati Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram in English

Apr 02 2017 1 Comment Tags: Saraswati, Shatanamavali, stotram

Maa Saraswati Ashtottara Shatanamavali is a prayer dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. Ashtottara Shatanamavali means hundred and eight names of Goddess Saraswati. Goddess Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science. One should Chant the 108 Names of Goddess Saraswati to attract her blessings. Reciting the Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram of Goddess Saraswati daily will help you gain learning and knowledge.  Om Sarasvatyai Namah Om Maha Bhadrayai Namah Om Maha Mayayai Namah Om Vara Pradayai Namah Om Sree Pradayai Namah Om Padma Nilayayai Namah Om Padmakshmai Namah Om Padma Vaktri Kayai Namah Om Shivaanu Jayai Namah Om Pusta Hastayai Namah Om Gynana Mudrayai...

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Shri Lalitha Pancharatnam (ललितापञ्चरत्नम्) Stotram with meaning

Apr 01 2017 0 Comments Tags: Lakshmi, Lalitha, Pancharatnam, sriyantra, stotram

Shri Lalitha Pancharatnam (ललितापञ्चरत्नम्) stotra starting with Pratha Smarami Lalitha Vadanaravindam is the devotional mantra of Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari and composed by Guru Adi Shankaracharya. Maa Lalita Tripurasundari is the presiding deity of srichakra (Sriyantra). The goddess tripura in her aspect as shodasi is represented as a sixteen years old girl,and is believed to embody sixteen types of desires. Maa Tripura is also called Shodasi, Lalita and Rajarajeshvari. The benefits of Shri Lalitha Pancharatna stotra is described in the Phala Stuti and according to it those who worship Goddess Lalitha by reciting the Pancharatna stotra will be blessed by the goddess with luck,...

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Sri Subrahmanya Pancharathnam with meaning

Apr 01 2017 2 Comments Tags: Kartikeya, Murugan, Pancharatnam, stotram

Sri Subrahmanya Pancharatnam is also known as Murugan Pancharatna stotram. Sri Subrahmanya Pancharathnam means The five gems about Lord Subrahmanya. Sri Subrahmanya Pancharatnam has been translated in english by Shri P. R. Ramachander. Sri Subrahmanya Pancharatnam is a jewel like prayer for Lord Subramanya swamy. Sri Subrahmanya Pancharatnam is a six-verse prayer chanted everyday by devotees. The sixth verse of Sri Subrahmanya Pancharatnam explains the benefits of chanting this prayer.   Shadananam, chandana lepithangam, Mahorasam, divya mayoora vahanam, Rudrasya soonum, sura loka nadam, Brahmanya devam, saranam prapadye.   I seek refuge with the god, who is Brahman, Who has six faces, Who applies sandal paste all over...

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Sri Venkateswara Vajra Kavacha Stotram with meaning

Mar 30 2017 1 Comment Tags: stotram, Tirupati Balaji, Venkateshwara, Vishnu

Sri Venkateswara Vajrakavacha Stotram is The Diamond Armour of Venkatesa composed by Sage Markandeya. Sri Markandeya purana mentions "Sri Venkateshwara Vajra Kavacha Sthothram" by sage Markandeya. This stotram(Prayer) contains 5 stanzas only. Regular Chant of Sri Venkateswara Vajrakavacha Stotram provides ultimate protection. Lord Venkateshwara is also known as Bhaktavatsala , the One who cherishes his Devotees. On numerous occasions Lord Venkateshwara has showered his Graces upon his Devotees in need, ridding them of their troubles and misery. Even for those who surrender only in times of despair, the Lord always answers present. Sri Venkateswara Vajrakavacha Stotram is Translated by Shri P. R. Ramachander...

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Shiva Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram with meaning

Mar 20 2017 2 Comments Tags: Jyotirlinga, Shiva, stotram, Temples

Shiva Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram is a powerful devotional hymn used to worship Lord Shiva. Jyotirlinga refers to radiance sign of lord Shiva. There are twelve holy jyotirlinga Temples in India. Shiva Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram is recite or chanting to worship of those twelve jyotirlinga temples of lord shiva. Shree Dwadasha Jyotirlingam Stotram श्री द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिङ्ग स्तोत्रम्: Saurashtre Somanatham Cha Shrishaile Mallikarjunam | Ujjaiyinyam Mahakaalam Omkarama-Maleshwaram |1|| सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथंच श्री शैले मल्लिकार्जुनम् | उज्जयिन्यां महाकालमोंकारममलेश्वरम् || Meaning - Somanath in Saurashtra and Mallikarjunam in Shri-Shailam; Mahakaal in Ujjain, Omkareshwar in Amleshwar. ............................................................................................................ Paralyam Vaidyanatham Cha Dakinyam Bheemashankaram | Setubandhe Tu Ramesham Nagesham Darukavane |2|| परल्यां वैद्यनाथं...

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Sri Saraswati stotram in Sanskrit (श्री सरस्वती स्तोत्रम्‌ )

Nov 23 2016 1 Comment Tags: sanskrit, Saraswati, stotram

Sri Saraswati Stotram was composed by Sage Agastya. By Chanting Sri Saraswati Stotram devotees receive sharp mind, total wealth of wisdom, mastery over different branches of arts ,infinite organizing power and blessings of Goddess Saraswati.  Maa Saraswati is the Goddess of leaming, knowledge, and wisdom. The Sanskrit word sara means "essence" and swa means "self." Thus Saraswati means "the essence of the self." Saraswati is represented in Hindu mythology as the divine consort of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the universe. Since knowledge is necessary for creation, Saraswati symbolizes the creative power of Brahma. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped by all persons interested in...

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Sri Ram Raksha Stotra ( श्री राम रक्षा स्तोत्र ) with meaning

Oct 20 2016 8 Comments Tags: Kavach, Rama, stotram, Vishnu

Sri Ram Raksha Stotra is most powerful protective shield. Sri Ram Raksha Stotra was originally composed in the Sanskrit language and is one of the most popular Hindu devotional prayer that is addressed to Lord Sri Ram Chandra. Lord shiva ordered sage Budha kausika to create the most powerful protecting shield or kavach for devotees and sage Budha kausika under the advice of lord Shiva wrote Sri Ram Raksha Stotra. There is a reference to this divine hymn in Rig-Veda. 'Ram Raksha' literally means 'Protection from Lord Sri Rama (to us)'. Sri Ram Raksha Stotra is also called Rama-Kavach, a shield of...

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Sri Navagraha Stotra ( श्री नवग्रह स्तोत्र ) with meaning

Oct 06 2016 0 Comments Tags: Budh, Chandra, Guru, Ketu, Mangal, mantra, moon, Navagraha, Rahu, sanskrit, Saturn, Shani, Shukra, stotram, Surya

Sri Navagraha Stotra is in Sanskrit and it is written by Maharishi Vyas. Sri Navagraha Stotra consists of nine mantras for nine planets. Sri Navagraha Stotra or Nava Graha Stotram is a prayer addressed to Navagrahas or the Nine Planets which is believed to have an effect on humans ups and downs.By reciting Sri Navagraha Stotra all troubles, difficulties get vanished from our life. We have to recite Sri Navagraha Stotra daily with faith, devotion and concentration.Sri Navagraha Stotra mantras are also recited individually. II श्री नवग्रह स्तोत्र II    जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महदद्युतिम् I  तमोरिंसर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोSस्मि दिवाकरम् II १ II    Japaa kusuma Sankaasam – Kaasyapeyam...

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