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Sri Swarnakarshan Bhairav Stotram in English

Dec 12 2020 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, stotram, Swarnakarshan Bhairav

Shri Swarnakarshana Bhairava is a form of Lord Bhairava. “Swarna” means gold. “Akarshana” means attracting. Shri Swarnakarshan Bhairava bestows on us all the wealth and richness. Shri Swarnakarshana Bhairava makes all our wishes related to wealth get fulfilled. Shri Swarnakarshana Bhairava is the saatvik form of Kaal bhairav who is worshipped for obtaining prosperity and money. He lives is pataal (underground) just like gold lives in the heart of earth. Shri Swarnakarshan Bhairava worship eliminates all kind of dangers and financial problems. In the various forms of Bhairav ji, the Swarnakarshan bhairav is also called as Narayan Bhairav as he represents...

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Swarna Akarshana Bhairava

Mar 22 2018 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Deity, mantra, remedy, Sloka, Swarnakarshan Bhairav

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava is specifically worshipped for material gains. Mythology has it that the wealth dispensing ability of even lord Kubera and goddess Lakshmi has come under the ambit of Swarna Akarshana Bhairava. The Swarna Akarshana Bhairav also known as Swarnakarshana Bairavar is believed to solve economic problems of devotees.  Swarna Aakarshana Bhairava holds an Akshaya Patra – a bowl that never exhausts of food and other prosperous things needed for a happy life – instead of the traditional skull. It is said that the skull has changed into this prosperous bowl as Lord Bhairava played alchemy to change iron into...

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Shri Swarnakarshan Bhairav Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री स्वर्णाकर्षण भैरव स्तोत्रम् )

May 11 2017 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, sanskrit, stotram, Swarnakarshan Bhairav

Shri Swarnakarshan Bhairav worship eliminates all kind of dangers and financial problems. In the various forms of Bhairav ji, the Swarnakarshan bhairav is also called as Narayan Bhairav as he represents wealth and various siddhis. The Swarna akarshana Bhairava has red complexion and clothed in golden dress. He has moon on his head. He has four hands. In one of the hands he carries a golden vessel. He gives wealth and prosperity. Swarnakarshana Bhairav stotra along with Shri Swarnakarshan bhairav yantra removes all kinds of miseries and blesses the sadhaka with everlasting happiness and prosperity. All kinds of siddhis are blessed by lord...

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Bhairav Mantras

Jun 16 2016 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, mantra, Swarnakarshan Bhairav

Sri Bhairav is the guardian deity of the abode of Lord Shiva. Hence, he is also called Kshetra Pala. The term Bhairav means 'Terrific'. Sri Kala bhairava represents the protective energy of Lord Shiva, that the Lord created for protection, during the creation-dissolution cycle. He is the manifestation who oversees the march of time. The march of time is inexorable only because Lord Kala Bhairava makes it so. As the saying goes, time lost is lost forever. There's nothing more precious than time. So intelligent humans should use every moment effectively, ane be conscious of the spiritual path. And those...

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