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Maa Chinnamasta kavach in Sanskrit ( माँ छिन्नमस्ता कवचं )

Jul 09 2021 Tags: 10 Mahavidya, Chinnamasta, Das Mahavidya, Dus Mahavidya, Kavach, sanskrit

Maa Chinnamasta is a form of Shakti shown as having cut off her own head. The blood that spurts from her neck, representing Prana that sustains all life, flows in three streams—one into her own mouth, showing her that she is self-existent, and the others into the mouths of her two female attendants, Dakini and Varnini representing all life force. The severed head symbolizes liberation. By severing the head, the She reveals herself in her true being, which is unconditioned, infinite, and free. It represents freedom from conditioning and individuality. Her nudity represents her autonomy. It shows that she can’t be...

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Shri Bagla Pratyangira kavach for defeating enemy (श्री बगला प्रत्यंगिरा कवच)

Apr 07 2021 Tags: 10 Mahavidya, Baglamukhi, Das Mahavidya, Dus Mahavidya, Kavach, Pratyangira, sanskrit

Shri Bagla Pratyangira kavach is mentioned in Rudramalaya tantram during Shiva Parvati interaction. Shri Bagla Pratyangira kavach is chanted to defeat enemy. This is one time process and the whole ritual should be done only once to get rid of enemy. One should chant the Kavacha 100 times to get rid of enemy, its mentioned in kavacha itself, but we recommend to do this kavacha 400 times to get the desires fulfilled as its Kalyuga and in Kalyuga every thing or ritual has to be done four times. One can start the ritual on any thursday or on any auspicious day like diwali ,...

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Shri Batuk Bhairav kavach in Sanskrit

Feb 08 2021 Tags: Bhairav, Kavach, sanskrit

Batuk Bhairava is child form of Lord Bhairava. Shri Batuk Bhairav kavach is super powerful, ultimate tool for protection and attainging prosperity. By chanting Shri Batuk Bhairav kavach regularly  devotees can attain blessings of Lord Bhairava immediately and their desires are fulfilled. One should chant 1, 3, 7, 11 or 108 times daily as per his capacity , comfort and devotion.  श्री बटुक भैरव कवचम् महादेव उवाचप्रीयतां भैरवोदेव नमो वै भैरवाय च।देवेशि देहरक्षार्थ कारणं कथ्यतां ध्रुवम्।। मियन्ते साधका येन विना श्मशानभूमिषु। रणेषु चातिघोरेषु महामृत्यु भयेषु च।। श्रृंगी सलिलवज्रेषु ज्वरादिव्याधि यह्निषु ।।देव्युवाच -कथयामि श्रृणु प्राज्ञ बटुककवचं शुभम्। गोपनीयं प्रयत्नेन मातृकाजारजो यथा।। ॐ अस्य श्री बटुकभैरवकवचस्य...

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Tantrokta Bhairav Kavach ( तांत्रोक्त भैरव कवच )

Dec 06 2020 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Kavach, sanskrit

Tantrokta Bhairav Kavach ( तांत्रोक्त भैरव कवच ) is a powerful tool or weapon to protect oneself from enemies, mishaps, tantra attacks, black magic and unseen dangers and misfortune. One should chant Tantrokta Bhairav kavach 11 times for 40 days unbroken to witness its magical effects.  तांत्रोक्त भैरव कवच    ॐ सहस्त्रारे महाचक्रे कर्पूरधवले गुरुः | पातु मां बटुको देवो भैरवः सर्वकर्मसु || पूर्वस्यामसितांगो मां दिशि रक्षतु सर्वदा | आग्नेयां च रुरुः पातु दक्षिणे चण्ड भैरवः || नैॠत्यां क्रोधनः पातु उन्मत्तः पातु पश्चिमे | वायव्यां मां कपाली च नित्यं पायात् सुरेश्वरः || भीषणो भैरवः पातु उत्तरास्यां तु सर्वदा | संहार...

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Shri Dakshina Kalika Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री दक्षिणकालिका कवचम् )

Aug 08 2020 Tags: 10 Mahavidya, Dakshin Kali, Das Mahavidya, Dus Mahavidya, Kali, Kavach, Mahakali, sanskrit

Sri Dakshinakali is a form of the Divine Mother Kālī, who is said to be easily pleased by the devotion of the devotees and also does not insist upon strict adherence to rituals and purity. She is the favorite of those following the non-ritualistic left handed path. She can also be approached through the ritualistic path as well. She is well-known and adored for removing all types of miseries caused by black-magic as well as destroying all inimical forces, both internal and external. She is the Destroyer and also wields the power of transformation to help us separate the virtual reality...

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Shri Ganesha Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री गणेश कवच )

Jun 11 2018 Tags: Ganesha, Kavach, sanskrit

Shri Ganesha also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is a widely worshipped deity in the Hindu pantheon. Shri Ganesha is the God of intelligence and knowledge. Shri Ganesha is also the Lord of obstacles. Chanting or listening of this Ganesha kavach takes away all the hurdles and obstacles from the life of a person, giving all round success and happiness for students. Ganesha Kavach blesses the devotee a long and healthy life. Ganesha Kavach protects you from all evils and peril and helps to fulfill your dreams and desires. May Shri Ganesha bless all !!  श्री गणेश कवच ॥ ॐ गण गणपतये नमः ॥ एषोति चपलो दैत्यान् बाल्येपि...

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Shri Chandra Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री चन्द्र कवचम् )

May 17 2018 Tags: Chandra, Chandra devta, Kavach, moon, sanskrit

Shri Chandra dev or Moon god is also one of the nine Navagrahas of Hindu Astrology. Shri Chandra is known as Planet Moon and also the Lord of stars. In Sanskrit Chandra stands for 'bright and shining'. Chandra has the second place in Navagraha. Moon (Chandra) is the planet, which rules our emotions, thoughts and fortune. Reading or listening Shri Chandra kavach removes all malefic effects of planet Moon .    श्री चन्द्र कवचम् ॥ ॐ गण गणपतये नमः ॥ अस्य श्रीचन्द्रकवचस्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य गौतम् ऋषिः ।अनुष्टुप् छन्दः, श्रीचन्द्रो देवता, चन्द्रप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः ।समं चतुर्भुजं वन्दे केयूरमुकुटोज्ज्वलम् ।वासुदेवस्य नयनं शङ्करस्य च भूषणम् ॥ १॥ एवं ध्यात्वा जपेन्नित्यं...

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Shri Shukra Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री शुक्रकवचम् )

May 14 2018 Tags: Kavach, remedy, sanskrit, Shukra, Venus

Lord Shukra, known as Planet Venus, is the sixth among the Navagrahas, the nine planets. Venus or Shukra is the planet of love, material pleasures and luxuries. It is a fast moving planet, and its movements have a significant impact on one's life. Shukra kavach should be recited to reduce the malefic effects of shukra and enhance the benefits of the shukra graha. Shukra grants good health and immense wealth to his devotees. Along with reciting kavach one should donate unboiled milk, curd, desi ghee, flour , rice and white colored cloth (for upper body only like Kurta) to poor on any friday. श्री शुक्रकवचम् ॥ ॐ गण...

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Shri Das Mahavidya Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री दशमहाविद्या कवच )

May 14 2018 Tags: 10 Mahavidya, Das Mahavidya, Dus Mahavidya, Kavach, mahavidya, sanskrit

The Das Mahavidya Kavach is the most powerful Kavach for wish fulfillment, spiritual upliftment and knowledge. In Tantra, worship of Devi-Shakti is referred to as a Vidya. The Divine Mother is worshipped as ten cosmic personalities, the Das Mahavidya. Here das means ten and "mahavidya", comes from the root of sanskrit words Maha and vidya in which maha means great and vidya means education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge, enlightening or astonishing disclosure, nirvana. Successful sadhana of these Vidyas gives several boons to the practitioner. The Tantrik-Yogi who has control over his senses and positively inclined uses the boons to guide...

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Shri Panchamukha Hanumat kavacham in Sanskrit (श्री पंचमुखहनुमत्कवचम्)

May 13 2018 Tags: Anjaneya, Hanuman, Kavach, Panchmukha, Panchmukha Hanuman, Panchmukhi hanuman, sanskrit

Shri Panchamukha Hanumat kavacham is very powerful prayer. Shri Panchamukha Hanumat kavacham protects a person from black magic effects, evil eye effects , provides protection from malefic effects of planets, protection from negative and black energies, protection from enemies and competitors. Recitation of Shri Panchamukha Hanumat kavacham provides courage, fearless personality , intelligence , decisive power , success , wisdom.   ॥ श्री पंचमुखहनुमत्कवचम्  ॥ ॥ ॐ गण गणपतये नमः ॥ श्रीउमामहेश्वराभ्यां नमः ॥श्रीसीतारामचन्द्राभ्यां नमः ॥श्रीपञ्चवदनायाञ्जनेयाय नमः ॥ ॥ अथ श्रीपञ्चमुखीहनुमत्कवचप्रारम्भः ॥ ॥ श्री पार्वत्युवाच ॥ सदाशिव वरस्वामिञ्ज्ञानद प्रियकारकः ।कवचादि मया सर्वं देवानां संश्रुतं प्रिय ॥ १॥इदानीं श्रोतुमिच्छामि कवचं करुणानिधे ।वायुसूनोर्वरं येन नान्यदन्वेषितं भवेत् ।साधकानां च...

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Shri Kanda Sasti kavasam English lyrics

Jun 02 2017 Tags: Kartikeya, Kavach, Murugan, Subramanya

Shri Kanda sasti kavasam is a devotional song composed in Tamil language by Devaraya Swamigal. Shri Kanda sasti kavasam is a rare and valuable treasure intended to help one to be successful in his or her day-to-day life. In Shri Kanda sasti Kavasam the author prays to Lord Murugan (Kartikeya) to shower his grace. It is said that regular chanting of Shri Kanda sasti kavasam causes all the predicaments of life are resolved. It is certain that by regular chanting of this kavacham all the predicaments of life are resolved. People without children will enjoy fertility. Prosperity and plenty will abound....

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Shri Gayatri Hridayam in Sanskrit ( श्री गायत्रीहृदयम )

May 31 2017 Tags: Gayatri, Kavach, mantra, sanskrit

The Gayatri Hridayam is a mantra found in the Devi Bhagavatam. The Gayatri Hridayam mantra is sung in praise of Maa Gayatri. Its mentioned in Devi Bhagavatam that Whoever recites this Gayatri Hridaya in the morning finds all the sins committed in the night all destroyed! Whoever recites this in the evening gets his sins of the day all destroyed! Whoever recites this in the evening and in the morning can rest assured to have become free of sins; he gets the fruits of all the Tîrthas; he is acquainted with all the Devas; he is saved if he has spoken...

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Shri Mritasanjeevani Stotra in Sanskrit with hindi meaning ( श्री मृतसञ्जीवन स्तोत्र )

May 24 2017 Tags: Kavach, sanskrit, shiv, Shiva, stotram

Shri Mritasanjeevani Stotra is dedicated to Lord Shiva .Shri Mritasanjeevani Stotra means the armour of raising from death. One can prevent untimely death by chanting this great Kavacham . It is some times referred as Mruta Sanjeevani stotram. The Matsya Purana tell a story about the perpetual wars between devas and asuras. The devas would always end up beating the asuras. Humiliated, Shukra Acharya, guru of the asuras, decided to approach Shiva to obtain the mritasanjeevani stotra, or mantra to make asuras invincible. He, meanwhile, asked the asuras to take refuge at the ashram of his father Bhrigu. The devas found the absence...

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Shri Brihaspati Kavacham in Sanskrit श्री बृहस्पति कवचम् (श्री गुरु कवचम् )

May 07 2017 Tags: Brihaspati, Guru, Kavach, sanskrit

Sri Brihaspati is also known as Deva-guru i.e guru of the gods. Sri Brihaspati is the god of wisdom and eloquence. Sri Bṛihaspati is the name for the planet Jupiter & rules over the signs Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces). Sri Bṛihaspati also represents the balance of past karma, religion, philosophy, knowledge and issues relating to offspring. He is concerned with education, teaching and the dispensation of knowledge. Shri Brihaspati Kavacham has the power to fulfill all the wishes in life. One should listen or practice this kavacham for attaining education, knowledge, vastness, growth and expansion in life. Guru or Jupiter, when...

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Shri Lakshmi Narayan Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री लक्ष्मीनारायण कवचम् )

May 07 2017 Tags: Kavach, Lakshmi, Lakshmi Narayan, Laxmi Narayan, sanskrit, Vishnu

Sanskrit Hymn Shri Lakshmi Narayan Kavacham (Armor of Shri Vishnu & Maa Lakshmi ) is mentioned in Shri Bhagavatha Purana. Lord Vishnu is vouched as the eternal spirit of all living beings. ‘Vishnu’ actually means the one who is omnipresent and that’s the reason that Lord Vishnu is the indigenous reality of the universe. As mentioned above, the Hindu trinity personifies lord Vishnu as the preserver of life. A reason that he is peace loving and very calm! Shown in divine and calming blue color with four arms, Lord Vishnu is the god of truth and peace. He is known to bless...

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Shri Gayatri Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री गायत्री कवचम्‌ )

May 07 2017 Tags: Gayatri, Kavach, sanskrit

Shri Gayatri Kavacham is a great Kavacham taught by Lord Narayana himself to sage Narada and was composed by Maharsi Veda Vyasa. Shri Gayatri Kavacham is mentioned in Srimad Devi Bhagavatham ,12th Skandham – Chapter III. Lord Sriman Narayana narrates to Maharishi Narada about the glories of Kavacham and the devoutness acquired through the worship of Shri Gayatri devi. The piousness acquired by reciting Gayatri Kavacham destroys the sins of worshipper, fulfill all the desires and provides ‘Salvation’. Lord Sriman Narayana continued, the divine Kavacham of the Devi Gayatri can eradicate all the obstructions and evils; it is capable to grant 64 forms of...

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Mata Baglamukhi kavach in Sanskrit ( माता बगलामुखी कवच )

May 05 2017 Tags: Baglamukhi, Kavach, sanskrit

Mata Baglamukhi maintains the eighth significant position among all the ten Dus Mahavidya's. Bagalamukhi" is derived from "valga" original Sanskrit word and "mukha", meaning "face". Maa Bagalamukhi wears yellow dress and has a golden complexion marked by peace and prosperity. Mata Bagalamukhi is also called Pitambara devi or Brahmastra Roopini seated on the golden throne in the middle of an ocean of nectar full of yellow lotuses. A crescent moon as an ornament at her head makes her look more attractive. Goddess Baglamukhi means one whose face has the power to conquer or control. Baglamukhi kavach is the ultimate weapon...

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Amogh Shiva Kavach in Sanskrit ( अमोघ शिव कवच )

May 04 2017 Tags: Kavach, sanskrit, shiv, Shiva, stotram

Amogh Shiva Kavach is the stotram that provides us Lord Shiva's halo of protection. Whatever be your problems, whether of the horoscope, or spirits or tantra or black magic, this kavach works. I emphasise, it works period! The beauty of this stotra is that you don’t need anything else (like a yantra) to recite it. All you need is complete devotion for Lord Shiva. Chant it once daily or as many times as you can. It is regarded as SWAYAM SIDDHA – that is, the benefits kick-in right after the first recitation. There is no minimum (or maximum) for this...

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Shri Gopal Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री गोपाल कवचम् )

Apr 26 2017 Tags: Kavach, Krishna, sanskrit, Santan gopal

Shri Gopal Kavacham is mentioned in Narada Pancharatra. Shri Gopal Kavacham is told to Goddess Parvati by Lord Mahadev. The devotee who recites Shri Gopal Kavacham every day becomes free from all his troubles which are created by his enemies. It is said that Shri Gopal Kavacham is to be recited first and then any pooja of Shri Gopal krishna should be performed to receive the blessings. Though Gopala means a cowherd and is one of the names of Krishna, it could also mean the protector of all beings.  श्रीगोपालकवचम्  श्रीगणेशाय नमः ॥  श्रीमहादेव उवाच ॥  अथ वक्ष्यामि कवचं गोपालस्य जगद्गुरोः ।  यस्य स्मरणमात्रेण जीवनमुक्तो...

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Shri Tulasi Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री तुलसी कवचम् )

Apr 25 2017 Tags: Kavach, sanskrit, stotram, Tulsi

Shri Tulasi Kavacham prayer occurs in Brahmanda Purana. When engaged in fight with Tharakasura, Lord Subrahmanya becomes tired and prays Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva appears before him and teaches him this great stotra. Later by the power gained by reciting the Stotra, Lord Subrahmanya kills Tharaka. It is mentioned in this stotram, that it fulfills all wishes of those who are chanting it.   श्री तुलसी कवचम्  श्री गणेशाय नमः II  अस्य श्री तुलसीकवच स्तोत्रमंत्रस्य I  श्री महादेव ऋषिः I अनुष्टुप्छन्दः I  श्रीतुलसी देवता I मन ईप्सितकामनासिद्धयर्थं जपे विनियोगः I तुलसी श्रीमहादेवि नमः पंकजधारिणी I शिरो मे तुलसी पातु भालं पातु यशस्विनी II १ II ...

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Shri Ketu Kavacham with meaning ( श्री केतु कवचम् )

Apr 22 2017 Tags: Kavach, Ketu, sanskrit

Shri Ketu Kavacham is mentioned in Brahmanda Purana. Regular recitation of Shri Ketu kavacham pacifies planet Ketu and provides relief . Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation. As per Vedic astrology, Ketu depicts positive and negative karmic accumulations, spirituality and occultism. Many astrologers believe Ketu as the significator of Moksha or Nirvana. It is considered both malefic and benefic by Vedic astrologers. ॥ श्री केतुकवचम् ॥ || Shri Ketu Kavacham || श्रीगणेशाय नमः । Shri Ganeshay Namah केतुं करालवदनं चित्रवर्णं किरीटिनम् ।प्रणमामि सदा केतुं ध्वजाकारं ग्रहेश्वरम्...

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Shri Rahu Kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री राहु कवचम् )

Apr 22 2017 Tags: Kavach, Rahu, sanskrit

Rahu is supposed to be a shadowy planet and is phlegmatic in nature resulting in malignant growth. If Rahu is weak in a birth chart it causes problems in intestines, boils, skin, ulcers, spleen, worms, high blood pressure, etc. Rahu Puja or the Dragon's Head Worship is devoted to planet Rahu. Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja is prescribed for those, having malefic Rahu or wrongly put Rahu according to the horoscope. In Vedic celestial prophesy, the North Node of the Moon is called Rahu. Rahu is portrayed by scriptures as half-bodied, conceived of a lioness, snakelike, having an enormous figure and being...

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Hanuman Bajrang Baan ( हनुमान बजरंग बाण )

Apr 20 2017 Tags: Bajrang baan, Hanuman, Kavach

The Bajrang Baan is a very powerful prayer dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Bajrang Baan literally means, the arrow of Bajrang Bali or Lord Hanuman. Bajrang baan is a very powerful prayer to lord hanuman to remove negative energies. The exact origins of the Bajrang Baan are not clear. One does not know if it was written by Tulsidas. Never the less it is an ancient and very powerful prayer. The recitation of the Bajrang Baan early in the morning or just before going to bed is recommended. The sincere recitation of the Bajrang Baan will remove all negative energies from your surroundings, and bring peace...

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Shri Shani kavacham in Sanskrit ( श्री शनि कवचम् )

Apr 19 2017 Tags: Kavach, sanskrit, Saturn, Shani, stotram

Shri Shani Kavacham is in Sanskrit. It is taken from Brahmananda Purana. Shri shani kavacham is chanted to Propitiate an afflicted Shani/Saturn and achieve Rajayoga through complete blessings of Shani. Shani Raksha Kavach is a sacred medium of receiving divine blessings of Lord Shani. Shani Raksha Kavach is the ultimate defender against evil influence of Saturn (Shani). It helps you get success in profession, studies and other areas of life.  अथ श्री शनि कवचम्  अस्य श्री शनैश्चरकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रस्य कश्यप ऋषिः II  अनुष्टुप् छन्दः II शनैश्चरो देवता II शीं शक्तिः II  शूं कीलकम् II शनैश्चरप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः II  निलांबरो नीलवपुः किरीटी गृध्रस्थितस्त्रासकरो धनुष्मान् II ...

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रूद्रयामल तन्त्रोक्तं कालिका कवचम् ( Shri Rudrayamala Tantrokta Kalika Kavacham in Sanskrit)

Apr 14 2017 Tags: Kali, Kavach, Mahakali

Shri Rudrayamala Tantrokta Kalika Kavacham in Sanskrit is taken from Rudrayamala tantra. Maha Kali is the fiercest form of Maa Durga representing the destroyer of evil. This is an rare Tantrokta Kalika Kavacham which can be chanted regularly for ultimate protection and to get rid of enemy. Kalika devi is one of the ferocious goddesses in the Dashamahavidyas. Her worship is done to defeat the both internal and external enemies.Her upasana vidhi is given in detail in “Rudrayamala tantram”  विनियोग ॐ अस्य श्री कालिका कवचस्य भैरव ऋषिः, अनुष्टुप छंदः, श्री कालिका देवता, शत्रुसंहारार्थ जपे विनियोगः । ध्यानम् ध्यायेत् कालीं महामायां त्रिनेत्रां बहुरूपिणीं। चतुर्भुजां ललज्जिह्वां...

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Shri Garuda Kavacham in Sanskrit (गरुडकवचम् )

Apr 03 2017 Tags: Garuda, Kavach, sanskrit

हिंदू मान्यताओं के अनुसार गरुड़ पक्षियों के राजा और भगवान विष्णु के वाहन हैं। गरुड़ कश्यप ऋषि और उनकी दूसरी पत्नी विनता की सन्तान हैं। भगवान गरूड़ को विनायक, गरुत्मत्, तार्क्ष्य, वैनतेय, नागान्तक, विष्णुरथ, खगेश्वर, सुपर्ण और पन्नगाशन नाम से भी जाना जाता है।  गरुडकवचम् का नियमित पाठ आपको भयमुक्त व् शक्तिशाली बनाएगा।  गरुडकवचम् का नियमित पठन आपके जीवन से बहुत सी समस्याओं का समाधान कर सकने में सक्षम है । अथ गरुडकवचम् । हरिः ॐ ।अस्य श्रीगरुडकवचस्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य नारद भगवान् ऋषिःवैनतेयो देवता अनुष्टुप्छन्दः श्रीवैनतेयप्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोगः । ॐ शिरो मे गरुडः पातु ललाटे विनितासुतः ।नेत्रे तु सर्पहा पातु कर्णौ पातु सुराहतः ॥ १॥ नासिकां...

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Sri Venkateswara Vajra Kavacha Stotram with meaning

Mar 30 2017 Tags: Kavach, stotram, Tirupati Balaji, Venkateshwara

Sri Venkateswara Vajrakavacha Stotram is The Diamond Armour of Venkatesa composed by Sage Markandeya. Sri Markandeya purana mentions "Sri Venkateshwara Vajra Kavacha Sthothram" by sage Markandeya. This stotram(Prayer) contains 5 stanzas only. Regular Chant of Sri Venkateswara Vajrakavacha Stotram provides ultimate protection. Lord Venkateshwara is also known as Bhaktavatsala , the One who cherishes his Devotees. On numerous occasions Lord Venkateshwara has showered his Graces upon his Devotees in need, ridding them of their troubles and misery. Even for those who surrender only in times of despair, the Lord always answers present. Sri Venkateswara Vajrakavacha Stotram is Translated by Shri P. R. Ramachander...

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Sri Ram Raksha Stotra ( श्री राम रक्षा स्तोत्र ) with meaning

Oct 20 2016 Tags: Kavach, Ram Raksha, Rama, stotram

Sri Ram Raksha Stotra is most powerful protective shield. Sri Ram Raksha Stotra was originally composed in the Sanskrit language and is one of the most popular Hindu devotional prayer that is addressed to Lord Sri Ram Chandra. Lord shiva ordered sage Budha kausika to create the most powerful protecting shield or kavach for devotees and sage Budha kausika under the advice of lord Shiva wrote Sri Ram Raksha Stotra. There is a reference to this divine hymn in Rig-Veda. 'Ram Raksha' literally means 'Protection from Lord Sri Rama (to us)'. Sri Ram Raksha Stotra is also called Rama-Kavach, a shield of...

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Sri Rudra Kavacham ( श्री रुद्रकवचम् ) with meaning

Oct 12 2016 Tags: Kavach, Rudra, sanskrit, shiv, Shiva, Shivlinga

Sri Rudra Kavacham is composed by Sage Durvasa. Sri Rudra Kavacham is found in Skanda Purana. Rudra Kavacham means The armour of Rudra. Sri Rudra Kavacham ( श्री रुद्रकवचम् ) chanting provides protection and removes fears. Below give is Sri Rudra Kavacham in Sanskrit , English and translation. Aum Namah Shivay !! ||अथ श्री रुद्रकवचम् || ॐ अस्य श्री रुद्र कवच स्तोत्र महा मंत्रस्यदूर्वासऋषिः अनुष्ठुप् छंदः त्र्यंबक रुद्रो देवताह्राम् बीजम् श्रीम् शक्तिः ह्रीम् कीलकम्मम मनसोभीष्टसिद्ध्यर्थे जपे विनियोगःह्रामित्यादिषड्बीजैः षडंगन्यासः || Asya Sri Rudra Kavacha stotra maha manythrasya Durvasa rishi, Anushtup chanda ,Tryabaka rudro devatha, Om Bheejam, Hreem SAkthi, Kleem Keelakam , mama manobheeshta sidhyarthe...

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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram with meaning

Oct 06 2016 Tags: Kavach, Lakshmi, Lakshmi Narasimha, mantra, Narsimha, sanskrit, stotram

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram was composed by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram praised lord lakshmi narasimha to pacify angry lord or ugra narasimha. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram also known as Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha Karavalamba Stotram is a 17-verse Stotram in praise of Lakshmi Narasimha. The Stotram is so called because each of these verses ends with the same refrain “Lakshmi Narasimha, Mama Dehi Karavalambam” which means “Oh Lord Narasimha, please lend me your helping hand”. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram when heard daily in a house reduces person's anger and makes home a peaceful home. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram is a great prayer that should be...

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