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Camphor (Karpoor) aarti lamp in brass

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Camphor Lamp - Karpoor Aarti

There are many types of deepa aarti’s done to god/goddess .Camphor Lamp - Karpoor Aarti, is one of them. When comparing lamp and oil requirement camphor handling is easy and easily flammable too. Thus Camphor Lamp - Karpoor Aarti is mostly done in temples and pooja rooms. 

This Karpoor (Camphor) aarti lamp is carved of brass to give a fine and long lasting finish and durability. Camphor or kapoor possesses a unique place in the Hindu ritual of traditional Pooja or any other festive or customary occasion. Camphor when lit burns itself out completely without leaving a trace of it. 

This Karpoor (Kapur) or Camphor Aarti stand is made with high quality brass material which holds Camphor or Kapoor (Kapur) which burns itself without leaving any trace to give amazing aroma.

In Hinduism, Camphor or Kapoor is one of the most important pooja ingredient in any prayer which is used in all sort of poojas and daily rituals.

Size: 3.7 Inch (approx.)

Weight : 40 grams (approx.)