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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Khodiyar maa idol in brass

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Khodiyar Maa is the Hindu goddess who appeared in the story of Mamaniya Gadhvi in about 700 AD. Mamaniya Gadhvi had a superb relationship with the then ruler – Maharaj Shilbhadra. The ruler’s ministers envied this exceptional relationship and prepared a way to get rid of Mamaniya Gadhvi. They were not very successful to persuade the ruler, but they succeeded in persuading the ruler’s wife (queen). One day the doorkeepers did not let him go into the palace. Mamaniya asked for the reason. He was told that a childless man is not worth of the king’s presence. Mamaniya returned home and wanted to ask Lord Shiva for help. When Lord Shiva did not appear, he decided to give his life away as a final sacrifice. Just when he was about to make it, Lord Shiva appeared and took him to the Snake Kingdom – Naglok (or Naga Loka) to see the King of Snakes – Nagdev. After hearing his story full of humiliation, the Nagdev’s daughters decided to help too. When Mamaniya came home, with his wife he prepared, as advised by the Nagdev’s daughters, eight cradles in expectation of a great event. One day eight snakes crawled into the house and Mamaniya had suddenly seven daughters and one son. One of the daughters was Khodiyar Maa. After showing many miraculous powers, people consider her to be goddess and she has temples and shrines too.

Khodiyar maa is also known as Janbai , Khodal , Trishuldhari ,Tataniya dhara wali , Matel dhara wali , Galdhara wali , Maavdi.

Khodiyar Maa’s holds a  Trishul in her hand and her vehicle (vahan) is Crocodile.

Details of Khodiyar maa idol :-

  • Metal - Brass
  • Height - 2.7 inches (approx.)
  • Base length - 2.4 inches
  • Weight - 75 grams (approx.)

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