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Precious Ruby (Manik) necklace

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Ruby belongs to the category of the costly gemstones. It is a red colored gemstone. Wearer of the unblemished ruby enjoys wealth and property and is blessed with children. He becomes fearless, and is protected from afflictions, sorrow and disasters. He becomes virile and his will power and spirit is strengthened. He occupies a respected position in the society. Following are the general properties of Gemstone:-

Planet : Sun Cosmic

Color : Red

Sign : Leo

Element : Fire

Time : Sunrise

Day : Sunday

Name: Ruby Necklace( Manik Mala)

Weight: 60 Carats.(single line)

Purpose: Wealth, protection, power, joy, anti nightmare.

Size: 1mm-2mm(graduation)

Colour: As in the picture

Shape: As in the picture

Cut: Excellent

Lusture: Excellent

Note:-Please remember,we use a microscopic photography system. The actual gem depicted is far smaller than the images. Inclusions(If Any) shown are not visible to the normal eye. The color may slightly vary due to lighting conditions during photography.