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Ram Darbar idol in Mixed metal alloy

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Rs.7,800.00 - Rs.7,800.00
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Lord Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a great King. Sita is his eternal consort and an incarnation of Lakshmi. Lakshman is Lord Rama's eternal brother and an incarnation of Balarama (Lord Krishna's brother). Hanuman as the embodiment of devotion to Rama and Sita is the monkey saviour and pure servant.These all characters are part of the timeless epic Ramayana.


  • Metal-> Mixed Metal alloy
  • Weight-> 2450 gms(2 kg,450 gms)
  • Height-> 9.0"(22.9 cms/229 mm)
  • Base Length-> 8.0"(20.3 cms/203 mm)
  • Benefits-> Blessings of lord Rama,Sita,Lakshman and Hanuana,Peace at home.