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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Rare Authentic Daryai Kamandal / Sadhu Kamandalam / Kamandalu Made up of Sea Coconut

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Kamandalam is a water pot with a handle used by Hindu religious sadhus, sanyasis, munis, yogis, ascetics, Buddhist monks and Hindu mendicants to carry water. Kamandalam represents a self-contained and simple life. Kamandalam is also called as Kamandal or Kamandalu. It is traditionally made out of ripe bottle gourd, or pumpkin, or coconut shell, or from wood of the Kamandalataru tree. It is said that the water in a traditional Coconut Kamandalam is equivalent to Amrutam, the elixir of life; hence it represents life, continuity, fertility, and prosperity. It is depicted that Hindu Gods and sanyasis carry the traditional Kamandalam in their hands.

This Kamandal is super rare as you will hardly find a real one now a days. Look alikes made up of fibre are sold for huge money as real kamandals by some fraud sellers , to show the difference i have uploaded few listings of fibre made look alike kamandals too.

Please Note that this Natural coconut Kamandal is rare now a days and this is several years old, so few marks and wear and tear is normal.

Details of Kamandal :-

  • Made from - Original Sea coconut, known as Coco de mer
  • Weight - 1 kgs 384 grams
  • Height - 11 inches (With handle) and 7 inches (Without handle)
  • Length - 14.4 inches
  • Age - Unknown 
  • This Kamandalu is made up from Real Sea coconut and its super rare

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