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Remedial bag for Wealth and Financial improvement

Original price Rs.20,500.00 - Original price Rs.20,500.00
Original price
Rs.20,500.00 - Rs.20,500.00
Current price Rs.20,500.00

The wealth bag contains following goods:- 

  • 1 x Sampurn Mahalakshmi Mahayanatra 3"x 3"
  • 1 x Sri Kuber yantra 3" x 3"
  • 1 x Jade Sriyantra of 100-150 gms
  • 1 x Crystal rosary in Diamond cutting
  • 1 x Small idol of lord Kubera
  • 1 x One faced Rudraksha ( half moon shaped) in silver pendant form with silver chain
  • 1 x Sriyantra silver locket( 5.5 gms) in red thread
  • 1 x Heera Shankh 

Benefits :- Brings Wealth, Prosperity and financial stabality in life.

How to use :- We will do the energisation of the yantras as well as Rudraksha bead( if buyer wants us to do so).We will mail all placement instructions along with products.