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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Shaligrama Sudarshan shila bracelet in pure silver with Tulsi beads

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Rs.2,200.00 - Rs.2,200.00
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This is beautiful bracelet made of Sudrashan Shaligram shila in pure silver with tulsi beads on both sides in pure silver wire.

The length of bracelet is around 8.0 - 8.5 inches

Benefits Of Sudarshan Saligram

* For protection against enemies and destruction of negativity.

* For paying obeisance to Lord Vishnu / Shri Ram / Lord Krishna.

* Neutralises negative energies of the earth due to faulty construction / wiring / underground stresses.

* Brings in positivity in the area with abundance and good health.

* Breaks negative energy patterns.

* Keeps negative / harmful vibes away.

* Sudarshan chakra Shaligram can charge upto 20 litres of poable water in 5 minutes.

* Our chakra system / individual chakras can be recharged, energized and balanced by the Sudarshan Chakra in minimum 5 minutes.

* Can be placed on individual chakra positions of human body directly.

For Vastu

* Small chakra can energize an area of upto 5 to 10 feet radius.

* Large chakra can energize an area of upto 15 feet radius.

* Amazing and very fast results when combined with parad bead.

Planetary Effects Of Sudershan Shalagrama

* Protects the person against Shani's malefic effects.

* For pleasing Shani and thus negating the malefic effects of Sade Sati (Saturn period).

* Srimad Bhagawatam Kuchelopakhyanam has mentioned that Shani himself told Rukamani the wife of Lord Krishna that he goes easy on those who worship Sudarshan chakra form of Lord Vishnu.


Shalagram Shila: Shastra Quotes

Salagrama Sila Rupi Yatra Tisthati Kesavah |
Tatra Devasurayaksa Bhuvanani Catur Dasa ||

With Keshava in the form of Salagrama sila reside all the devatas, asuaras, yaksas and the fourteen worlds.--- Padma Purana:

Lord Shiva states, "My devotees who offer obeisances to the shalagrama even negligently become fearless. Those who adore me while making a distinction between myself and Lord Hari will become free from this offence by offering obeisances to shalagrama. Those who think themselves as my devotees, but who are proud and do not offer obeisances to my Lord Vasudeva, are actually sinful and not my devotees. O my son, I always reside in the shalagrama. Being pleased with my devotion the Lord has given me a residence in His personal abode. Giving a shalagrama, is the best form of charity, being equal to the result of donating the entire earth together with its forests, mountains, and all.

Ato'dhisthana Vargesu Suryadisviva Murtisu |
Salagrama Silaiva Syad Adhisthanottamam Hareh ||

The Lord resides in many places in which he may be worshipped, but of all the places Salagrama is the best. --- Garuda Purana

Drstva Pranamita Yena Snapita Pujita Tatha |
Yajna Koti Samam Punyam Gavam Koti Phalam Bhavet ||

Lord Siva speaking to Skanda, Any person who has seen Salagram Sila, paid obeisances to Him, bathed and worshipped Him, has achieved the results of performing ten million sacrifices and giving ten million cows in charity. --- Skanda Purana - Haribhakti vilas

Pujito'ham Na Tair Martyair Namito'ham Na Tair Narah |
Nakrtam Martya Loke Yaih Salagram Silarcanam ||

Lord Siva speaking to Skanda states, In this mortal world, if anyone does not worship Salagram Sila, I do not at all accept any of their worship and obeisances.

Lord Vishnu states that, Any shila from the place of shalagramas can never be inauspicious though cracked, chipped, split in two though still in one piece, or even broken asunder.--- Brahma Purana

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