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Shani Shaman ( 2 volumes) - book on Saturn remedies

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Saturn is the most mysterious member of the congregation of the nine planets. In popular perception, its very name spells things terrible. It is a symbol of fearful and inevitable happenings and un-surmountable devastating suffering for the common man. Shani Shaman (Wooing Saturn) is the manifestation of the resolve, inspired by the lack of in depth studies about this enigmatic planet, to dispel the misconceptions, half-truths and illusions surrounding Saturn. The present volume consists of two parts—(1) Theoretical (Astrological Aspect) and (2) Practical (Preventive Aspect). A thorough analysis of astrological concepts regarding Saturn, its positioning in the twelve houses and signs, various planets’ aspects on and by it, with their respective significance and results thereof. Saturn’s periodical influence etc. are the subject of research and intensive study in the first part. The unique distinction of the book lies in its detailed and research based thorough treatment of certain special planetary combinations which are liable to be misinterpreted resulting in gravely erroneous predictions. Kantak-Shani and Sadhe Sati Shani have been discussed with an unparalleled clarity and thoroughness demolishing the superstitions and baseless beliefs and fears about Saturn.

The Second Volume, the practical part of the book is, in fact the heart and soul of Shani Shaman (Wooing Saturn). To avoid and deal with the undesirable Saturn-related situations so as to render them ineffectual, almost all ways and remedies culled from the Vedas and Puranas, the disciplines of Mantra, Yantra and Tantra as well as of popular origin have been given complete with their methodology. They include rare remedies like Shani Paataal Kriya. This section also throws light on the matter and remedies related to Saturn given in the well-known work ‘Lal-Kitab’.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Mridula Trivedi, T.P. Trivedi
  • Publisher - Motilal Banarasidas Publishers
  • Language - Hindi
  • ISBN - 8120835433
  • Binding - Paperback
  • Volumes - 2
  • Pages - 764 + 348
  • Weight of book - 900 grams

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