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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Super Hari lila (Hari leela) incense sticks - Temple grade incense made from Bakula tree

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Hari-Leela is a heady, sweet and enlivening daytime scent from the sacred Bakula Tree's flower. Perfect for the background of any activity. As unforgettable as it is addictive. Temple grade. Hari-Leela incense is made using the flowers of the Bakula tree. Bakula trees are considered sacred, and adorn many temple courtyards with their deep green leafy branches and boughs. When in flower the trees look spectacular, and spread a divine fragrance throughout their surroundings. The trees look densely and uniformly leafy in all directions, and have a very long life. The Bakula tree is considered to be of the male gender, and its flowers - which are tiny but very fragrant - are called "chirapushpa", meaning perpetual flowers.

A common smell in India around temples where the sacred Bakula tree grows. Derived from the flowers of the tree, this scent is strong, sweet and distinctive, a heady fragrance.

"Pure-incense is quite simply like no other. Our incense is steeped in centuries of tradition using timeless recipes passed down through the generations. Each stick is focused consciousness within a family atmosphere in India, free from exploitation, using only the purest ingredients.

Our incense is temple-grade - meaning that it is the purest incense available. Its fragrance and refinement is of a unique quality. Pure-incense immediately creates a spiritual atmosphere, conducive for meditation and attainment of inner peace."

The meaning of Hari-Leela

  • Hari is another name for the Hindu God Vishnu (the preserver) and his avatar (or incarnation) Krishna. The word means "he who steals, or takes away", referring to how he takes away all distress and anxieties, and lovingly steals the hearts of his devotees.

  • Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning "divine sport or game", describing the universe as a cosmic puppet theatre or playground for the gods... life as a spontaneous game played by light-hearted forces beyond our understanding. It is an important idea in the traditional worship of Krishna as a naughty boy or prankster.
Details about incense
  • Top quality incense sticks
  • No Chemicals, Temple grade incense
  • 100% natural
  • Amazing aroma
  • Available in 250 gram pack
  • Made in India

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