Akash Bhairav Temple , Nepal

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The temple of Akash Bhairav is supposed to have been a palace of the first king of Nepal, Kiranti King Yalambar around 3100–3500 years back. A three-storied Akash Bhairab temple is situated in the main market avenue called indra chowk, a popular courtyard in the region. Located merely 5 minutes away from Kathmandu Durbar Square, devotees worship Akash Bhairav with great dedication. Akash bhairav is also known as Sava Bhakkhu deva by Newars. His face is turned towards the Sky. He is also known as ruled god of Sky. The head of the Aakash Bhairav was dug up several hundred years ago in Kathmandu. It is taken out once a year on the occasion of Yenya Festival and blessed by the Kumari, a supposedly living goddess who lives in the nearby Kumari chowk. This ceremony is held in the month of August / September. During the ceremony, large number of worshippers come to visit this temple. Worshipping of the Bhairav is generally a symbol of protection and power. For eight continuous days during the celebrations in Indrajatra festival, the temple contains of decorated temple and the deity. This is follow by the Tantrik Puja, the Sagun Puja and the Kal Puja. The worshipper and the deity are held together in an exceptionally 'reciprocal' energetic. Akash Bhairav symbolizes protection and goodwill for the nation and its people as per the belief by the Nepalese people.

Worshipping Akash Bhairab is said to take away the bad omen from the life of the devotees and allow them to perform their auspicious ceremonies with happiness and good health. Hence, before the beginning of any kind of ceremony or work, the idol of Bhairab is worshipped. There is an image on Akash Bhairav’s head which Buddhists claim as Buddha and Hindu identify as Brahma. Thus making the idol worshipable by all.

How to Reach :-

By AirThe easiest way to reach the temple is by air. The flights go from Delhi, Varanasi and also from Kolkata. The takes 1 hour to reach Kathmandu.

By RailThe closest train station to go to the temple is Kathmandu Raxual Railway station in Nepal which is 5km away from the temple.

By RoadIt is the best way to reach Kathmandu from India. From different major cities, you can avail the buses to reach Kathmandu. Many State run buses ply between Indian cities and Kathmandu on regular basis.

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