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Black Ebony mala to increase Concentration and aid in Meditation

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Ebony is a beautiful dark wood reminiscent of Lord Narayana's dark form. Ebony Mala is made from a rich black, dark wood traditionally used for sacred objects because the dark woods are associated with deepest and most sublime qualities of God or deity. The Black ebony wood is finely polished and has a nice feel and ambiance which will improve with mantra and prayer. Black Ebony mala increases concentration and aids in meditation. Black Ebony wood is known to be a favorite among Indian royalties. Black Ebony mala helps to remove the fetters of anger, hatred and delusion. Black Ebony mala can be used in worship of almost all deities. The is very high quality Black Ebony mala .

Black Ebony mala is made in thread without knots between each bead and sumeru bead with tassel.

Size of beads - 7.5 mm (approx.)