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Five Mukhi Giant Beads Mala of 32+1 Beads (18-22 mm)

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According to Hindu scriptures, a rosary of 32 +1 beads renders moksa (spiritual enlightenment). While wearing a rosary of thirty two beads if a man does rituals, he gets many folds more benefits. Vopadeva states in Padartha-Darsa that one who wears thirty two Rudrakshas in neck, forty on forehead, six in each ears, twelve in each wrists, sixteen in each arms, four in each eyes, one hundred eight over the chest, himself becomes Neelakantha (Lord Shiva).

This very auspicious Kantha( mala) made up of 32+1 beads of rare giant 5 mukhi Nepalese origin of size 18-22 mm strung in thread with woollen spacers .

Made of Uniform high grade beads .

Free 1 x japa mala bag with every successful purchase