Shri Hayagriva mantra with meaning - Gnanananda mayam devam

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Gnanananda mayam devam sloka is for Lord Hayagreeva. One who chants this sloka will attain true knowledge of Education, will attain good concentration in Studies, fluency in speech, master in debates, vocabulary and will have very good memory power. Hayagreeva (Hayavadhana or Hayagriva), the lesser known Vishnu Avatar, The Horse Faced God. He is the ocean of knowledge, Wisdom, where Brahma & Goddess Saraswathi risides. He is the Four form of Veda, viz. Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas. He is worshipped as the God of knowledge and wisdom. He is the one who taught knowledge to Goddess Saraswati. With a human body and a horse's head, brilliant white in color, with white garments and seated on a white lotus. Hayagriva is celebrated in the Puranas for rescuing the Vedas from the demons Madhu and Kaitabha and teaching them again to Brahma. He protects all creatures. Without his grace, we cannot obtain good knowledge.

Om, Let us meditate on the glorious Lord Hayagriva ,Who is the embodiment of Sri Maha Vishnu. May that great Vagishwara, the Lord of Speech, inspire and illumine our mind and understanding.




ज्ञानानन्दमयं देवं निर्मल स्फटिकाकृतिम्
आधारं सर्व विद्द्यानां हयग्रीवं उपास्महे

ஞானானந்தமயம் தேவம் நிர்மல ஸ்படிகாக்ருதிம்

ஆதாரம் ஸர்வ வித்யானாம் ஹயக்ரீவமுபாஸ்மாஹே

జ్ఞానానందమయం దెేవం నిర్మల స్ఫటికాకృతిం

ఆధారం సర్వ విద్యానాం హయగ్రీవముపాస్మహె

Jnananandamayam devam nirmala sphatikakrutim,
aadharam sarvavidyaanaam Hayagreevamupasmahe.

Meaning: I worship Lord Hayagreeva, who is the very form of knowledge, pure as a crystal, and who is the support of all knowledge.



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  • I chant the mantra daily 9 times

    Suresh Kumar SL on
  • Thank u very much!

    Hemkumar on
  • Useful mantra. How many times we should tell or prounced this Hayagreeva sloka . thanks

    Ramany on
  • Very powerful Manthra to chant for the development of knowledge to any person irrespective of the gender and age.

    Swami Siddartha on
  • Good mantra.shared with good intention.thanks a lot.

    Vasanthy on

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