Guru Dattatreya

Oct 17 2018 2 Comments Tags: Dattatreya, Deity

Guru Dattatreya  is a Hindu God who is an incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. One can say that Guru Dattatreya is - Creation, Preservation, and Destruction, all in ONE. The word Datta means "Given", Datta is called so because the divine trinity have "given" themselves in the form of a son to the sage couple Atri and Anasuya. He is the son of Atri, hence the name "Atreya". In the Natha tradition, Dattatreya is recognized as an Avatar or incarnation of the Lord Shiva and as the Adi-Guru (First Teacher) of the Adi-Nath sampradaya of the Nathas. The creative,...

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What are yantras ? How to make yantras work ?

Oct 14 2018 0 Comments Tags: Facts, mantra, Rituals, yantra

The word "Yantra" means an "instrument" or "machine" or "talisman" depending upon the context. Yantra is a mystical diagram used in the Indian religions and philosophy for worship. The Yantra is the graphic, mathematics and magic representation of the divine one. Yantra actually implies instrument, Yantra benefits include attraction of good luck, fortune, prosperity, success , protection and good health to the user. Likewise the images of gods in the temples, yantras are revered and worshiped as symbols of divine powers. The Devi Bhagavat(3.26.21) states - Archabhave Tatha Yantram; meaning - a yantra symbolizes a divine power. Similar meanings are indicated in Naradiya Purana, Gautamiya Tantra, Yogini Tantra, and several other Vedic...

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Somnath Jyotirlinga Shrine

Sep 29 2018 0 Comments Tags: Jyotirlinga, Pilgrimage, Shiva, Shivlinga, Temples

The Somnath temple is dedicated to Someshwara, another name of Lord Shiva with moon on his head. The temple is situated in Saurashtra. It is believed that Somraj, the Moon God himself had originally built the temple out of gold. Somnath is the first of all the 12 jyotirlingas. Though the temple is of Hindu origin, the Architecture has Jain influences. The Somnath temple has been destroyed six times and have been rebuilt. The temple faces the east direction. Externally the Somnath temple resembles the Rudramala temple at Siddhapur. The dome of the temple is the biggest ever made in...

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Sri Ram Navami festival - Information, Rituals and Celebration

Sep 28 2018 0 Comments Tags: festivals, Rama, Vishnu

Sri Ram navami celebrates the birth of Sri Ram or Sri Ramachandra. On the ninth day of the first fortnight of Chaitra the birth of Rama is commemorated. The story of Rama was first written by Maharishi Vaalmeeki in about the 4th century B.C. Rama is supposed to have lived during the 8th or 7th century B.C. The epic known as the Ramayana. In some parts of India, it is a nine-day festival, coinciding with the Vasanta Navaratri.The public worship starts with morning ablutions, chanting Vedic mantras dedicated to Vishnu, and offering flowers and fruit to the god. People keep a...

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Sri Khatushyam ji Temple, Rajasthan

Sep 25 2018 0 Comments Tags: Khatu Shyam, Pilgrimage, Temples

Khatu Shyamji Temple is an important pilgrim centre of Rajasthan. However it is more popular for the annual fair that takes in the month of either February or March. The shrine is located at a distance of 48 kilometers from district of Sikar. The mela or fair takes place on the occasion of Phalgun Sudi Dashmi and lasts till Dwadashi. It lasts for three days and a large number of devotees flock the fair. Indian fairs are characterized by vitality, crowd and resplendence. KhatuShyam ji fair is no exception in this regard. Well-decorated shops, several kinds of shows and sweet...

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Mata Vaishno Devi Temple , Katra

Sep 24 2018 0 Comments Tags: Durga, Pilgrimage, Temples

Recognized as one of the 'Shakti Peethas', Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is situated in the folds of the 'Trikuta Hill' in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir. This abode of Goddess Durga is supposed to be one of the wish fulfilling places, where millions of devotees from India and abroad gather for Mata Vaishno Devi's blessings. People who visit the shrine constitute a heterogeneous profile comprising of wealthy & poor, aged & young, males & females from within and outside the country. The Shrine of goddess 'Vaishno Devi' is reached by an arduous climb. The scenic beauty, the landscape around and the constant...

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Sloka Yatha Dhenu Sahashtreshu Vatso with meaning

Aug 30 2018 0 Comments Tags: Facts, Gita, Krishna, sanskrit, Sloka

Sloka Yatha Dhenu Sahashtreshu Vatso is a famous sloka taken from Bhagwat Gita. This Sloka puts light on importance of good karmas in ones life. Hinduism and Buddhism speaks highly on Importance and laws of Karmas. Everything that happens in the world has its cause, it never happens by chance; Therefore, what we do now will have an effect on our present lives or our future lives. For this reason, people need to understand the law of Karma in order to know how to keep their words and to check their actions everyday so that everyone can find a way to create...

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Eka Sloki Ramayana ( एकश्लोकि रामायणम् )

Aug 17 2018 2 Comments Tags: Books, Rama, Ramcharitmanas, sanskrit, Sloka, Vishnu

Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince Rama to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Eka Sloki Ramayana is describing all the kandas (chapters) of Ramayana in one stanza. This Sloka says the story of entire Ramayana in brief. It is believed that reading eka Sloki Ramayana with devotion is equal to reading the entire Ramayana.  आदौ राम तपोवनादि गमनं हत्वा मृगं कांचनं । वैदेही हरणं जटायु मरणं सुग्रीव सम्भाषणं ॥ वाली निर्ग्रहणं समुद्र तरणं लंकापुरी दाहनं । पश्चात रावण कुम्बकर्ण हननं एतहि रामायणं ॥इति एकश्लोकि रामायणं सम्पूर्णम् ॥ aadau raama tapovanaadi...

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Sloka Om Raksha Raksha Ganadhyaksha with meaning

Aug 15 2018 0 Comments Tags: Ganesha, sanskrit, Sloka

Sloka Om Raksha Raksha Ganadhyaksha is a famous sloka related to Shri Ganesha . Devotees seek protection of Shri Ganesha through this sloka. Shri Ganesha is one of the most popular deities in Hindu Mythology and is also known as the The Lord of Beginnings, The Remover of Obstacles and Vakratunda. One must chant this sloka daily to get divine protection.   रक्ष रक्ष गणाध्यक्ष रक्ष त्रैलोक्यरक्षकं। भक्तानामभयं कर्ता त्राता भव भवार्णवात्॥ Om Raksha Raksha Ganadhyaksha Raksha Trailokya Rakshakam,Bhaktanamabhayam Kartta Trata Bhava Bhavarnavat। हे गणाध्यक्ष रक्षा कीजिए, रक्षा कीजिये । हे तीनों लोकों के रक्षक रक्षा कीजिए; आप भक्तों को अभय प्रदान करनेवाले हैं, भवसागर...

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Shri Kamal Netra stotra in Sanskrit ( श्री कमलनेत्र स्तोत्रं )

Jul 10 2018 0 Comments Tags: Krishna, sanskrit, stotram, Vishnu

Shri Kamal netra Stotra is dedicated to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna, one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities, worshipped as the eighth incarnation (avatar, or avatara) of the Hindu god Vishnu and also as a supreme god in his own right. Kamal means Lotus and Netra means Eyes. Shri Krishna is described as the "Lotus-Eyed One," referring to his divine beauty.   श्री कमल् नेत्र स्तोत्र श्री कमलनेत्र कटि पीताम्बर, अधर मुरली गिरधरम् । मुकुट कुण्डल कर लकुटिया, सांवरे राधे वरम् ।। कूल यमुना धेनु आगे, सकल गोपी मन हरम् । पीत वस्त्र गरुड़ वाहन, चरण सुख नित सागरम् ।। करत कोलि किलोल...

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Sloka Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinam with meaning

Jun 26 2018 0 Comments Tags: Rama, Ramcharitmanas, Shiva, Sloka

Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinam ,Yamaashrito hi vakropi chandrah sarvatra vandhyatey is a chaupai taken from Shri Ramcharitmanas. A Shiv shishya or Shiv shisya is a disciple of Lord Shiva who worships Shiva as their Guru teacher, in the Hindu religion. It is mentioned in various texts of Hindus that Lord Shiva works as teacher.   वन्दे बोधमयं नित्यं गुरुं शंकररूपिणम्‌।यमाश्रितो हि वक्रोऽपि चन्द्रः सर्वत्र वन्द्यते॥ Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinamYamaashrito hi vakropi chandrah sarvatra vandhyatey॥   ज्ञानमय, नित्य, शंकर रूपी गुरु की मैं वन्दना करता हूँ, जिनके आश्रित होने से ही टेढ़ा चन्द्रमा भी सर्वत्र वन्दित होता है॥I worship Lord Shankar, the eternal preceptor, who is all wisdom, and...

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Ramcharitmanas Chaupai Jasu nam bhav with meaning

Jun 15 2018 0 Comments Tags: Rama, Ramcharitmanas, Vishnu

Jasu nam bhav bheshaj is a Chaupai taken from Shri Ramcharitmanas. Shri Ramcharitmanas (श्रीरामचरितमानस) is an epic in Awadhi, composed by the 16th-century poet Goswami Tulsidas (c.1532–1623). Every chaupai written in Shri Ramcharitmanas is holy like a mantra. Chaupai is basically a soulful bhajan offered to Shri Rama. Jasu nam bhav bheshaj ,haran ghor tray soolso kripal mohi to par sada raheu anukool ॥ जासु नाम भव भेषज ,हरन घोर त्रय सूलसो कृपाल मोहि तो पर सदा रहउ अनुकूल॥जिनका नाम जन्म-मरण रूपी रोग की (अव्यर्थ) औषध और तीनों भयंकर पीड़ाओं (आधिदैविक, आधिभौतिक और आध्यात्मिक दुःखों) को हरने वाला है, वे कृपालु श्री रामजी मुझ पर...

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Shri Ganesha Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री गणेश कवच )

Jun 11 2018 0 Comments Tags: Ganesha, Kavach, sanskrit

Shri Ganesha also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is a widely worshipped deity in the Hindu pantheon. Shri Ganesha is the God of intelligence and knowledge. Shri Ganesha is also the Lord of obstacles. Chanting or listening of this Ganesha kavach takes away all the hurdles and obstacles from the life of a person, giving all round success and happiness for students. Ganesha Kavach blesses the devotee a long and healthy life. Ganesha Kavach protects you from all evils and peril and helps to fulfill your dreams and desires. May Shri Ganesha bless all !!  श्री गणेश कवच ॥ ॐ गण गणपतये नमः ॥ एषोति चपलो दैत्यान् बाल्येपि...

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Aarti Shri Kali mata Ki ( आरती श्री काली माता की )

Jun 11 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Kali

Goddess Mahakali is known as the Goddess of time and death. Goddess Mahakali is considered to be the consort of Lord Mahakala. Goddess Mahakali is believed to be the form of Adi Parashakti. The description of Goddess Mahakali is written in various Hindu scriptures and in those scriptures she is portrayed as Adi Shakti, hence she is believed to be the manifestation of Goddess Durga. Goddess Mahakali usually depicted black in color carrying a sword, trident, head and a bowl containing the blood of severed head. Her eyes are red and her tongue stays outside of her mouth in anger. She wears...

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Aarti Shri Kunj Bihari Ki ( आरती श्री कुंज बिहारी की )

Jun 08 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Krishna, Vishnu

"Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki" is a Shri Krishna Prayer. Kunj Bihari is another name of Shri Krishna. Shri Kunj bihari literally means one who loves to walk in gardens. Aarti Kunj Bihari ki is one of the most widely sung Shri Krishna Song on Krishna Janmashtami or Srikrishna Jayanti Day, the birth day of Sri Krishna. Singing or listening Aarti Kunj Bihari ki helps getting rid of tension and negative vibes. आरती श्री कुंज बिहारी की आरती कुंजबिहारी की, श्री गिरिधर कृष्णमुरारी की ॥गले में बैजंती माला, बजावै मुरली मधुर बाला। श्रवण में कुण्डल झलकाला, नंद के आनंद नंदलाला।गगन सम अंग कांति काली, राधिका चमक...

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Shri Lakshmi Chalisa ( श्री लक्ष्मी चालीसा )

May 25 2018 0 Comments Tags: Chalisa, Lakshmi

Maa Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual). She is the wife and active energy of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Maha lakshmi is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of money related sorrows. Devotees chant Shri Lakshmi Chalisa to please the Goddess who bestows them with her blessings. It is said that chanting Shri Lakshmi Chalisa brings prosperity and wealth.  श्री लक्ष्मी चालीसा ॥ दोहा ॥ मातु लक्ष्मी करि कृपा करो हृदय में वास ।  मनो कामना सिद्ध कर पुरवहु मेरी आस ॥सिंधु सुता विष्णुप्रिये नत शिर बारंबार । ऋद्धि सिद्धि मंगलप्रदे नत शिर बारंबार...

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Shri Sai Baba Ashtottara Namavali ( श्री साईं बाबा अष्टोत्तर नामावली )

May 24 2018 0 Comments Tags: Namavali, Sai Baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master who was regarded by his devotees as a saint, fakir, and satguru, according to their individual proclivities and beliefs. He was revered by both his Hindu and Muslim devotees, and during, as well as after, his life it remained uncertain if he was a Hindu or a Muslim. This, however, was of no consequence to Sai Baba. He stressed the importance of surrender to the true Satguru , who, having trod the path to divine consciousness, will lead the disciple through the jungle of spiritual...

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Aarti Shri Tulsi Mata Ki ( आरती श्री तुलसी माता की )

May 24 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Tulsi

Tulsi mata aarti is sung in praise of Goddess Tulsi who is also known as Vishnupriya - beloved of Lord Vishnu.  In Sanskrit the term 'Tulsi' means "the incomparable one" and is regarded as Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and the consort of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi plant is regarded as a Goddess according to the Hindus. She is very close to Lord Vishnu and no ritual is ever deemed complete without the presence of Tulsi leaves. The Tulsi plant also has great medicinal benefits. It is an important herb which is used in Ayurvedic treatment and is a cure for many diseases like...

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Aarti Maa Annapurna Ji Ki (आरती माँ अन्नपूर्णा जी की)

May 23 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Annapurna

Annapurna is a Sanskrit name which literally means 'Anna' means food and 'purna' means complete; together the term Annapurna signifies nourishing with food to the fullest. In Hinduism, Annapurna is " the universal and timeless kitchen-goddess" - the mother who feeds. Without her there is starvation, a universal fear: This makes Maa Annapurna a universal goddess. Her most popular shrine is located in Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganga." Her association with the giving of food (wealth) led her in time to be transformed into Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.  आरती माँ अन्नपूर्णा जी की बारम्बार प्रणाम, मैया बारम्बार...

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Shri Santoshi Mata Chalisa ( श्री सन्तोषी माता चालीसा )

May 20 2018 0 Comments Tags: Chalisa, Santoshi

Santoshi Mata (संतोषी माता) or Santoshi Maa (संतोषी माँ) is a relatively new goddess in the Hindu pantheon. She is venerated as "the Mother of Satisfaction". Santoshi Maa is an emblem of happiness, love and hope. Santoshi Mata Chalisa is sung in praise of Goddess Santoshi. It is believed that fasting and praying for her 16 Consecutive Friday's bring peace and prosperity in one's family.  श्री सन्तोषी माता चालीसा ॥ दोहा ॥ बन्दौं सन्तोषी चरण रिद्धि-सिद्धि दातार ।ध्यान धरत ही होत नर दुःख सागर से पार ॥ भक्तन को सन्तोष दे सन्तोषी तव नाम ।कृपा करहु जगदम्ब अब आया तेरे धाम ॥ ॥ चौपाई...

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Shri Chamunda Devi Chalisa ( श्री चामुण्डा देवी चालीसा )

May 18 2018 0 Comments Tags: Chalisa, Chamunda

Maa Chamunda is the terrifying and fearsome aspect of the Divine Mother. She is considered as the furious form of goddess Kali, but she is kind to her true devotees. She obtained this name after she killed the two demons named Chanda and Munda. Chandika herself gave Kali that name. Shri Chamunda chalisa is forty verse prayer singing the glory of Maa Chamunda. श्री चामुण्डा देवी चालीसा  ॥ दोहा ॥ नीलवरण मा कालिका रहती सदा प्रचंड ।दस हाथो मई ससत्रा धार देती दुस्त को दांड्ड़ ॥ मधु केटभ संहार कर करी धर्म की जीत ।मेरी भी बढ़ा हरो हो जो कर्म पुनीत...

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Shri MahaKali Ashtottara Namavali (श्री महाकाली अष्टोत्तर नामावली )

May 18 2018 0 Comments Tags: Kali, mantra, Namavali, sanskrit

Shri MahaKali Ashtottara Namavali refers to 108 divine names of Mother Kali. The 108 names mentioned in Shri MahaKali Ashtottara Namavali have the ability to invoke power of Goddess Kali. One who regularly practices the 108 Names of Shri MahaKali Ashtottara Namavali, gains the ability to destroy his enemies and all evils from his life. Kali’s name is from the Sanskrit word kala, meaning either “black” or “time”, depending on the context. Her various other names reflect her different forms:-  श्री महाकाली अष्टोत्तर नामावली १ ॐ काल्यै नमः। २ ॐ कपालिन्यै नमः। ३ ॐ कान्तायै नमः। ४ ॐ कामदायै नमः। ५ ॐ...

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Aarti Shri Dhanvantri Ji Ki ( आरती श्री धन्वन्तरि जी की )

May 18 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Dhanvantri

Shri Dhanvantri is the God of ayurvedic medicine. Shri Dhanvantri holds the Kalasha (pot) full of nectar of immortality. Scriptures say that one who prays to Shri Dhanvantri is released from all diseases. People pray to Shri Dhanvantri, asking him for improved or good health for themselves and for others. Shri Dhanvantri aarti should be sung daily for his blessings. आरती श्री धन्वन्तरि जी की जय धन्वन्तरि देवा, जय धन्वन्तरि जी देवा।जरा-रोग से पीड़ित, जन-जन सुख देवा।।जय धन्वन्तरि देवा, जय धन्वन्तरि जी देवा॥ १ ॥ तुम समुद्र से निकले, अमृत कलश लिए।देवासुर के संकट आकर दूर किए।।जय धन्वन्तरि देवा, जय धन्वन्तरि जी देवा॥ २...

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Shri Chandra Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री चन्द्र कवचम् )

May 17 2018 0 Comments Tags: Chandra, Kavach, moon, sanskrit

Shri Chandra dev or Moon god is also one of the nine Navagrahas of Hindu Astrology. Shri Chandra is known as Planet Moon and also the Lord of stars. In Sanskrit Chandra stands for 'bright and shining'. Chandra has the second place in Navagraha. Moon (Chandra) is the planet, which rules our emotions, thoughts and fortune. Reading or listening Shri Chandra kavach removes all malefic effects of planet Moon .    श्री चन्द्र कवचम् ॥ ॐ गण गणपतये नमः ॥ अस्य श्रीचन्द्रकवचस्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य गौतम् ऋषिः ।अनुष्टुप् छन्दः, श्रीचन्द्रो देवता, चन्द्रप्रीत्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः ।समं चतुर्भुजं वन्दे केयूरमुकुटोज्ज्वलम् ।वासुदेवस्य नयनं शङ्करस्य च भूषणम् ॥ १॥ एवं ध्यात्वा जपेन्नित्यं...

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Aarti Shri Bhairav ji ki ( श्री भैरव जी की आरती )

May 15 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Bhairav

Shri Bhairav or Bhairavar is an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Shiva. Shri Bhairav is widely worshipped by tantriks and yogis to gain various siddhis. Shri Bhairav is granter of Siddhis, Luck, Prosperity, Peace and Sons . Shri Bhairav worship is very useful to defeat your enemies, and to get success and all materialistic comforts. It is very easy to please Shri Bhairav by doing normal worship daily. Sri Bhairav guard the Shiva temple, due to which he is called "Kotwal" also. श्री भैरव जी की आरती जय भैरव देवा प्रभु जय भैरव देवा ।जय काली और गौरा देवी कृत सेवा ॥ जय भैरव देवा प्रभु जय...

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Aarti Shri Narasimha Bhagwan Ki ( आरती श्री नरसिंह भगवान की )

May 15 2018 0 Comments Tags: Aarti, Narasimha, Narsimha, Vishnu

Shri Narasimha also known as Narsingh, is the fourth incarnation of God Vishnu. Lord Narasimha ("man-lion") is described as an incarnation (avatara) of Vishnu within the Pouranic texts of Hinduism who takes the form of half-man / half-lion, having a human torso and lower body, but with a lion-like face and claws. He is worshipped in deity form by a significant number of Vaishnava groups throughout India (especially in the South) and is primarily known as the 'Great Protector', being a form of Vishnu who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need. Shri Narasimha pujan is done for protection from...

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Shri Gayatri Chalisa ( श्री गायत्री चालीसा )

May 15 2018 0 Comments Tags: Chalisa, Gayatri

Gayatri Devi the Goddess is considered the veda mata or the Mother of the Vedas. Maa Gayatri is referred to as 'Pancha Mukhi' or the Goddess with five faces. These five faces or aspects reveal and reflect the Brahman. Recitation of Shri Gayatri chalisa regularly makes mind sharp, brings in success and makes a person Invincible. Goddess Gayatri blesses her devotees with sharp intelligence and the ability to become successful. ॥ दोहा ॥ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं मेधा प्रभा जीवन ज्योति प्रचण्ड ।शान्ति कान्ति जागृत प्रगति रचना शक्ति अखण्ड ॥ १॥ जगत जननी मङ्गल करनिं गायत्री सुखधाम ।प्रणवों सावित्री स्वधा स्वाहा पूरन काम ॥...

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Shri Parvati Chalisa ( श्री पार्वती चालीसा )

May 15 2018 1 Comment Tags: Chalisa, Parvati

Goddess Parvati is the daughter of the mountain Himavan, wife of Lord Shiva, mother of the Hindu gods Ganesh and Murugan. Goddess Parvati is known by different names like Lalita, Uma, Gauri, Kali, Jagdamba, Durga, Haimavati etc. Goddess Parvati is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion as well as of divine strength and power. Chanting of Parvati chalisa brings marital happiness and peace in ones life. Shri Parvati chalisa is also chanted for getting children, happiness in family and also avoid conflicts in homes. ॥ दोहा ॥ जय गिरी तनये डग्यगे शम्भू प्रिये गुणखानीगणपति जननी पार्वती अम्बे ! शक्ति ! भवामिनी ॥ चौपाई ॥ ब्रह्मा भेद न...

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Shri Shukra Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री शुक्रकवचम् )

May 14 2018 0 Comments Tags: Kavach, Navagraha, remedy, sanskrit, Shukra

Lord Shukra, known as Planet Venus, is the sixth among the Navagrahas, the nine planets. Venus or Shukra is the planet of love, material pleasures and luxuries. It is a fast moving planet, and its movements have a significant impact on one's life. Shukra kavach should be recited to reduce the malefic effects of shukra and enhance the benefits of the shukra graha. Shukra grants good health and immense wealth to his devotees. Along with reciting kavach one should donate unboiled milk, curd, desi ghee, flour , rice and white colored cloth (for upper body only like Kurta) to poor on any friday. श्री शुक्रकवचम् ॥ ॐ गण...

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Shri Das Mahavidya Kavach in Sanskrit ( श्री दशमहाविद्या कवच )

May 14 2018 0 Comments Tags: Das Mahavidya, Kavach, sanskrit

The Das Mahavidya Kavach is the most powerful Kavach for wish fulfillment, spiritual upliftment and knowledge. In Tantra, worship of Devi-Shakti is referred to as a Vidya. The Divine Mother is worshipped as ten cosmic personalities, the Das Mahavidya. Here das means ten and "mahavidya", comes from the root of sanskrit words Maha and vidya in which maha means great and vidya means education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge, enlightening or astonishing disclosure, nirvana. Successful sadhana of these Vidyas gives several boons to the practitioner. The Tantrik-Yogi who has control over his senses and positively inclined uses the boons to guide...

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