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Samaveda Samhita (Sanskrit text with English translation)

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The verses of Sama Veda Samhita are meant to be sung by the Udgatri, who is the Sama Vedic priest as far as sacrifices are concerned. These verses are melodies and they are called the Samans. The Sama veda Samhita are divided into Purvarchika and the Uttararchika.

Purvarchika is based on the Gramageya and the Aranyaka samans. The Uttararchika is based on the Uha and the Uhya chants. The verses of Gramageya and Aranyageya form the basic collection known as the Prakritigana. There is major difference between the melodies of Purvarchika and Uttararchika. It is that the Purvarchika is constituted on a single verse basis and the Uttararchika is based on units of three verses.

Uttaragana is classified into Uha and the Uhya. Uha is adapted to the Gramageya while Uhya is adapted to Aranyageya. Uha and Uhya ganas of Uttararchika are classified into seven parts and they are Dasharatra, Samvatsara, Ekaha, Ahina, Sattra, Kshudra and Prayaschitta. These categories indicate the manner in which indicate the manner they are executed.

"Vedas should be interpreted with the help of itihasa and purana". Here history doesn't mean the social or political history of human beings, but the figurative or personificational description of psychological, astronomical or terrestrial elements. R.T.H. Griffith's translation like all others in the field, suffers from all such drawbacks. Leaving a few places, he is also not been able to explain correctly such contents of the Vedas as seem to be historical.

Inspite of all this, Griffith's translation has been edited afresh so that his and through him, the western scholar's point of view regarding the Vedic Samhitas may be reproduced in an updated and revised form. The present editor has also supplied Griffith's translation with some of his own exegetical notes wherever he deemed it fit and necessary.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Edited by Ravi Prakash Arya. Translated by R.T.H. Griffith
  • Publisher - Indica books
  • Language - Sanskrit text with English translation
  • ISBN - 8171101131
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Size - 8.8 inches x 5.8 inches
  • Pages - 504
  • Weight of book - 1 kgs 200 grams

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