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Bamboo 50 Seeds Dendrocalamus strictus Iron Bamboo (Plant Seeds)

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Every plant that God has created contains valuable gifts that people can use. But bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant in the world, is packed full of an amazing amount of treasures that people can easily renew. In traditional Indian medicine, people use bamboo to treat respiratory ailments. In traditional Chinese medicine, people use bamboo to help heal infections.

Some people believe that bamboo may bring good luck to those who are near it. People who follow Feng Shui principles use a small type of bamboo called Lucky Bamboo to attract positive energy to their homes by planting stalks of the bamboo in pots they keep at home.

Others believe that bamboo possesses some miraculous spiritual powers to ward off evil. Both Buddhist and Shinto shrines are sometimes surrounded by bamboo groves that people have planted to act as barriers against evil getting close to the shrines.

Pack contains 50 high quality Bamboo seeds.