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Beautiful wooden idols of Sri Jagannath, Subhadra and Balabhadra

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Sri Jagannath was called "Purusottama" since his origin at Puri or Purusottam - Kshetra (the abode of Purusottam) since pre-historic times. The Rig Veda refers to him as the Daru (sacred log of wood) of Purusottama, afloat on the eastern sea. The name "Jagannath" (Lord of the Universe) is invariably a collective representation of the Triad (Jagannath - Balabhadra - Subhadra) and has been in use since the dawn of the last millenium.

Sri Jagannath has multiform manifestations. He is Siva or Bhairava and goddess Vimala is Bhairavi. Saivism and Saktism are fused in him. The use of "Klim" mantra in worship gives him a tantric image.

The Triad is deified by the Jainas as manifestation of the Jaina "Tri-ratna" (three gems of Jainism) representing right knowledge, right thought and right perception.

The Deities of Sri Jagannath, Sri Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are made of wood. Sri Balabhadra is Sri Jagannath's elder brother, and Devi Subhadra is his younger sister.

Details of idol:-

  • Material - wood
  • Height of idols - Sri Jagannath and Sri Balabhadra - 8 cms , Devi Subhadra - 7 cms
  • Weight of idols - 160 grams for whole set

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