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Rudraksha 7 mukhi and 2 mukhi Rudraksha combination bracelet with glass spacers

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Rs.1,300.00 - Rs.1,300.00
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This beautiful Rudraksha bracelet is made up from small 7 faced Rudraksha beads with a large 2 mukhi Rudraksha in center. The size of 7 mukhis rudraksha beads is around 7 mm and size of 2 mukhi Rudraksha is around 16 mm (approx.). We have used black colored glass spacers in between the beads. This bracelet has been made in strong black colored nylon thread and can be adjusted as per wrist size. Normal length of bracelet is around 7.5 inches, but can be increased or decreased as per requirement of buyer.

7 mukhi rudraksha represents Mahalaxmi the goddess of wealth .This Rudraksha is blessed with good health and wealth. 2 mukhi rudraksha is believed to be the manifestation of Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati. The person wearing 2 mukhi Rudraksh stays in sound health - mentally and physically. 2 mukhi Rudraksha represents planet Moon and goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ardhanareshwar. Maa Lakshmi(the Godesses of Wealth) also showers her blessings on the wearer and the wondrous radiation power keeps the mind in balance.

7 Mukhi governs Saturn. 7 Mukhi rudraksha sublimates the malefic effects of Shani such as Diseases & Death occurring suddenly without any cause, impotency, cold, obstruction, hopelessness, despair, delay in achievements, long time disease, scarcity, worry etc. 2 Mukhi rudraksha proves helpful in Heart and lung diseases, disorders of the left eye,  liver, breast problem, loss of memory, infections and diseases of the urinary bladder.

The ruling planet of 7 mukhi rudraksha is Saturn (Shani). 7 mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Anang Shiva. 7 mukhi rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Good health and wealth is blesses to him who wears 7 mukhi rudraksha. Those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mental set-up should wear it. He does not desire for more and runs each and every work in his available resources. Lord of 2 mukhi Rudraksha is planet moon that brings eternal peace, happiness and prosperity.

7 mukhi rudraksha provides such an immense knowledge to the wearer that he proves incomparable in group discussions in the meeting. He remains firm on his wordings and speaks always the Truth. Two mukhi Rudraksha is used for multiple purposes just like for bringing peace and harmony in relationships and for financial growth.

Overall , this is very fine combination to wear.

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