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Green Aventurine Power bracelet for Good fortune and luck.

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Often Aventurine stones are just mentioned as a stone of luck, however Aventurine is far more than that. Green Aventurine is indeed a stone of chance and luck. The Green Aventurine gemstone has been getting used as a healing element since ages, due to its powerful properties to cure various physical, emotional as spiritual disabilities. The Green Aventurine gemstone is considered as the stone of fortune, adventure and good luck. An individual facing spiritual adrift can use this gemstone to get the spiritual joy and playfulness. For thousands of years Aventurine has been used as a gemstone of luck. For example in Ancient Greece warriors would wear Aventurine when going to war. Hoping to avoid injuries or worse.

The astrological sign of Aventurine is Aries, its chakra is the 4th chakra, which is also known as the heart chakra.

The Aventurine power bracelet has been made up in stretch elastic from very high quality Aventurine beads. Size of beads is around 9 mm