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Hessonite mala (Gomed) for success and getting rid of enemies

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Hessonite Gemstone strengthens Rahu. Hessonite Gemstone or Gomed (Hindi) gem gives success in law practice and energizes a person. Rahu rules the hessonite gem. Rahu is an aprakash graha, a lustreless planet, and it gives the results of the lord of the house which it tenants. If Rahu is on the ascendant, wearing hessonite may be recommended. Hessonite may also be good for those born under Aries.

Wearing a good hessonite brings wealth, success, position, prestige, happiness, prosperity, good children, praise, fame, and health. It protects against rivalries and enemies, and thus is good to wear when going into battle. It helps to give good health and appetite, rids the mind of bad thoughts, and gives mental peace. It helps to increase one’s social status, and brings one respect from others. It helps protect against evil spirits and the possibility of being poisoned. Brilliant scientists are associated with hessonite, and the gem also helps those who must deal with employees and servants.

According to the text of Jatakatatva, hessonite is the jyotish gemstone of Rahu (Caput Dreconis or Dragon's Head). Rahu makes its natives mutinous, detrimental, reckless and secretive. Rahu is shown as a disembodied head riding a chariot and shouting obscenities. The chariot is drawn by a tiger, representing the mind wandering in the forest of desires. Rahu is neutral, active and disruptive. He disturbs the psychological make-up of the natives and creates confusion in their minds.

The dasha of Rahu runs for a period of 18 years where the native is tested, rewarded or punished as per one's Karma. In order to reduce the malefic effects of this planet, Hessonite mala is recommended.

This mala can also be used for japas of Planet Rahu.

The popular names of a Hessonite are Gomedak, Gomed, Gomedh, Pingasphatik, Tamomani, Rahuratna, Tranavar. In English it is known as Cinnamon-Stone because of its historic connection with the Spice producing country of Sri Lanka. In Chinese Pissi and in Arabic it is known as Hazar Yamani.

Details of mala :-

  • Name - Hessonite
  • Quality - Gem Quality
  • Size of mala - 18 inches
  • size of beads - 3 mm to 5 mm (approx.)
  • Cutting of beads - faceted
  • Color of beads - Multicolor

* Note :- Mala doesn't have 108 beads. This Mala is sold as per length only. Also the displayed image is zoomed for better view . The actual size of  beads is 3mm to 5 mm only.