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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Set of ten small Goddess Kali idols for gifting purpose

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Kali or "the black one" is the goddess symbolizing dissolution and destruction in Hindu mythology. She is the destroyer of ignorance who maintains the world order while blesses and frees all those who are seeking knowledge of God. Her name is associated with Agni, according to Vedas, who is the god of fire & is known for seven flickering tongues of flame. Out of these, Kali was the black, horrible tongue. This is considered to be the origin for the name "Kali", who is the grim consort of Shiva. When talking about her appearance, then her fearsome baleful eyes, protruding tongue, and four arms along with a bloody sword in her upper left hand & a severed head in her lower left hand, makes it the most fearful picture. She makes the gesture of fearlessness through her upper left hand while the lower right hand confers benefits. She is always found draped with a chain of severed human heads & a belt of dismembered arms gives a frightening look to her persona. She is often shown in a dancing mode or in sexual union with Shiva. And she stands upon the supine from her husband to depict her Bhavatarini image, i.e. the redeemer of the universe. Kali is known by names like Kalika mata ("black earth-mother") and Kalaratri ("black night") as well.

Details about idol :-

  • The idols have been made in metal with gold polish
  • Size - 7 cms (approx.)
  • Weight - 30 grams per idol
  • Total number of idols in box - 10
  • The mentioned price is for 1 box ie 10 idols

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