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Lakshmitantram (Lakshmi tantram / Laxmi tantram ) - With Sadhanatmaka Hindi Commentary

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Among the vast number of Pancaratra Agamic texts the Laksmitantram (Lakshmi Tantra) stands out because it deals almost exclusively with Laksmi. The divine creative impulse, intelligence, potency, potentiality, power, majesty and speech.

The focus of the text is on Pancaratra philosophy (including cosmogony) and the practice of yoga based on it, with its attendent Mantra Sastra. By dealing with the role of Sakti in the creation and maintenance of the world, totally rely on God`s mercy and benevolence, the Laksmi Tantra succeeds in overcoming sectarian boundaries.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Shri Kapildev Narayan
  • Publisher - Chaukhamba surabharati prakashan
  • Language - Sanskrit - Hindi
  • ISBN - NA
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Size - 215 X 135 mm
  • Pages - 728