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Lord Vishnu idol in brass with antique looks

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Shri Vishnu is one of the most popular Hindu gods . His followers are called Vaishnavas and they worship Lord Vishnu as well as his incarnations. Shri Vishnu is part of the trimurti, or the Hindu ''trinity'' which includes Shri Brahma the creator, Lord Shiva the destroyer, and Lord Vishnu the preserver. Goddess Lakshmi is his wife.

Details of idol:-

  • Metal-> Brass
  • Weight-> 2.470 kgs (2470 gms, 5.4 lbs)
  • Height-> 12.0" (30.5 cms , 305 mm)
  • Base Length-> 4.0" (10.1 cms , 101 mm)
  • Benefits->Blessings of lord Vishnu