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One Faced Rudraksha (1 Mukhi) Silver Pendant with Ruby Gemstone

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1 Faced Rudraksha denotes Lord Shiva itself. It is believed that worshipping one face is equal to worshipping Lord Shiva. This is best amongst all the Rudraksha. By worshipping or wearing it, person can attain various spiritual power. One who wears it is believed to here spical offection and consideration of Load Shiva. He will always be prosperous, materialistically as well as spiritually. The person who wear or worship one face Rudraksha achieves the ultimate Salvation (Moksha). Ruby , like Ek mukhi Rudraksha also represents planet Sun. Ruby brings integrity, devotion and happiness. It also enhances generosity and brings prosperity. Ruby brings and increases romantic love. Ruby is a stone that has been known to be very protective of home, worldly possession, children, and psychic protection. It is a stone of high energy and power that promotes healing on all levels. Ruby is associated with the root chakra.

Configuration :-

  • 1 mukhi Rudraksha
  • 1 Ruby gemstone
  • Weight of Ruby - 5.5 carats
  • Origin of Ruby - Indian