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श्री दक्षिण कालिका - सपर्यापद्धति Shri Dakshina kali kasaparya paddhati: Method of Worshipping Goddess Dakshin Kalika (Sanskrit and Hindi)

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This is excellent book ( श्री दक्षिण कालिका - सपर्यापद्धति ) for people who want to do Shri Dakshina Kali Sadhana . Dakshina Kali is dark, sometimes described as black, other times as dark blue. She stands, with her right foot forward (one meaning of "dakshina"), upon the prostrate, inert, corpselike body of her husband, Shiva, who is white, smeared with ash. Shiva is the formless, absolute Brahman, nameless, formless, unmoving ground of being. Kali is prakriti, the manifest multiverse.Shiva essentially has no color. Kali is all colors. Kali and Shiva cannot be separated.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Sh. Rampriye Pandey
  • Publisher - Choukhamba Prakashan
  • Pages - 404
  • Size - 22 cms x 14.5 cms
  • Language - Hindi and Sanskrit