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Sidh Swetark Ganapati - Rare Lucky charm

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Swetark Ganapati is one of the purest and rarest sacred item on this earth. Swetark Ganapati is obtained from the root of a shrub, that takes the form of Lord Ganesha. In Sanskrit it is called Ark and in Hindi known as Aak. Its also known as Madar .Madar has a very special significance in Indian herbs. Though it is poisonous, yet it is full of several benefits. In Ayurveda, medicines made of its poison are used as life-giving drugs. Among these trees, one gives white flowers. This tree is called as Swetark. This a very rare tree. Flowers of this plant are favorite of Lord Shiva. The root of this plant is invited on an auspicious day and carved into Ganapati form in auspicious Muhurta. Those who keep this idol of Ganesh in their homes enjoy the presence of Devi Laxmi and Lord shiva.


• To get blessings of Shiva and Ganesha.

• Gives knowledge and concentration power

• Promotion in job and increase in business

• Maintains harmony in married life.

• Eliminates illness and diseases

• For Prosperity and growth

• Get rid of hardship or insufficiency

• Activating positive energies in the house

• Protection against enemy

It is mentioned in our ancient texts, that a house where Swetark Ganesha is worshipped it gets freedom from from poverty, obstacles, quarrels, horror and all sorts of negativites. It also gives knowledge and concentration power to students. It also gives promotion in job and maintains harmony in married life.

It is essential to chant any of the following Ganesha mantras while worshipping Swetark Ganpati :

• Om Vakratundaya Namaha

• Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha

Height of Raw Swetark Ganapati - 5" (Approx.)

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