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Sri Jagannath silver pendant

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The name Jagannatha or Jagannath literally means "Lord of the Universe".Jagannath is particular form of Vishnu, or more accurately, that of Shree Krishna. The image of this God has no legs, and only stumps of arms.The Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa, is dedicated to Him. It is one of the four Holy 'Dhamas' (holy seats) of India including temples at Rameshwaram, Dwaraka, and Badrinath. The Jagannath idol is black in color and lacks proper arms. He is worshipped along with His brother Balabhadra and sister Suvadra.

This temple is one of the tallest monuments in the country, with a height of about 214 feet from the ground level. The Annual Rathayatra festival is the high point of all the Festivals celebrated. Millions of devotees from every corner of the world gather round the temple during the 'Ratha Yatra' festival of Sri Jagannath. As the legend goes, every year Lord Jagannath, accompanied by His brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra leaves the temple to visit His aunt. The three of them are pulled in huge stringed chariots (Rathas) and the King of Puri himself sweeps the roads with a golden broom for the Lord of the World to pass. It is believed that observing the Ratha Yatra and pulling at the ropes of the chariot leads one to salvation from the cycle of birth and date.

Details of Sri Jagannath silver Pendant :-

  • The pendant has been made in pure silver
  • Weight of Pendant – 1.70 grams
  • Size of Pendant ( including hook ) - 3.0 cms
  • SKU – DP30