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Sri Surya (Sun) yantra on copper plate

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Sun stands for power and authority. When one is deprived of happiness through termination of service, suspension or through opponents or diseases etc., worship of Sun through Surya Namaskar etc. is always advised. Such difficulties are overcome and cure from disease is attained with good health through pooja of Surya yantra. Surya Yantra enhances the peace of mind, gets favour from Superior, officers and Govt. By the use of Surya Yantra enemies are suppressed and eliminated the Malefic effects of Sun. When Sun is Melefic in birth Chart of a native or according to the rashi based on his name the planet indicates malefic effects then the Surya Yantra is very useful.

Details of Sri Surya yantra:-

  • Metal : Copper
  • Ruling Deity : Surya
  • Size : 3"x 3"
  • Weight of yantra : 30-35 grams (approx.)