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Sunderkand - famous chapter from Ramcharitmanas

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The SunderKand which is a chapter in the 'Ram-Charit-Maanas'is considered to be as auspicious to read, as it is to recite the 'Hanuman Chaalisa'. In the Sunder-kand, Hanumanji is reminded by Jambavan about the fact that Hanumanji has great powers that the latter has no memory of. In this case Hanumanji is made to remember about the fact that he is capable of flying.Jambavan exhorted Hanuman to undertake the crossing of the Mighty Ocean. Hanumanji's flight was necessary to search for Seeta who had been abducted by Raavan. Sundarkand of Goswami Tulsidass Raamacharitamaanasa has been published in original text with Romanization.For ease of recitation, clear and big letters have been used. Also available in Hindi

Details of book :-

  • Language : Hindi & English Transliteration on facing pages
  • Size : 14cm x 22cm
  • Pages : 368
  • Binding : Paper Back
  • Publisher: Richa Prakashan