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Shree Yantra on Tortoise, Kurm Shree Yantra

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Shree Yantra on Tortoise

Size of tortoise is around 3 inches arpprox.

Shree Yantra on Tortoise is charged by Lakshmi mantra. Shree Yantra on Tortoise is also known as Kurm Shree Yantra. It's used for achieving prosperity, success and wealth. brings peace and happiness to a family and frees a person from monetary problems. It is also good for children that suffer from frequent health problems. The invisible constructive rays of the Sphatik Shree Yantra cures health associated problems.

Shri (Shree) Yantra with Tortoise for Prosperity Success & wealth is also known as Kurm Shree Yantra, it helps in clearing all the negative energies. It brings Peace, Prosperity and Harmony in the house. Tortoise Shryantra which is a very powerful yantra as it is crafted on the back of a tortoise. Very helpful for those who work in a competitive environment. Should be affixed on Friday morning

Shree or Sri means laxmi and laxmi means all types of Prosperity, Wealth and Yantra means instrument or vehical to get or achieve or to reach, to have prosperity in all Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love and Peace.

Sri yantra is known as goddess of all yantras, power house of powerful positive cosmic energy, origin of universe auspicious Om is part of sri yantra, seal of solid.


Om Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Kamaley Kamaley Praseed Praseed Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Om Mahalaxmyai Namah.