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Advaitasiddhi of Madhusudan Saraswati

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'Ever supreme is Visnu who, being apprehended of the (absolute unqualified) idea arising from the Shruti, has attained, as it were, the beatitude of supreme bliss,-He who is the substratum of all phenomena of false duality, beginning with the notions of the 'cogniser,' that originate from Illusion (Maya),-Whose very nature consists of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss-Who, having shaken off the false bonds (of illusion) becomes free from all concretions.

'Salutations to the dust of the feet of the blessed Rama, Vishvesvara are Madhava, who have realised the real nature of the supreme God, as identical with themselves, - the dust that shakes off the darkness of ignorance.'

'Excellent are the shorter and longer treatises composed by many learned persons for the good of others; this my present effort will verily be for the purpose of doing good to myself.' 'May this Advaitasiddhi, composed by the sage Madhusudana, whose sole possession consists in true devotion, after having collected the truths contained in the Scriptures, tend to the acquisition of true knowledge and the subjugation of misguided disputants, by persons who are pressed for time (and hence cannot devote their energies to larger treatises), as also to the delight of the learned').

Details of Book :- 

  • Author - Sh. Ganganath Jha
  • Publisher - Sri Satguru Publications
  • Language - English
  • ISBN - 817030234X
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Size - 8.7 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Pages - 327
  • Weight of book - 600 grams

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