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Ganesha on Swastik wall hanging

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In Hindu religion, every task begins with adoration of Lord Ganesha and Swastik is the representative symbol of Shri Ganesha. Therefore, it is the tradition to draw a Swastik on all auspicious occasions. Swastik is the symbol of positive energy. Its presence prohibits evil forces from overpowering the positivity in the house. It is believed that if Swastik is drawn at the beginning of any task then it is completed without any obstacle. Besides auspicious ceremonies, Swastik is also drawn at the main gate of the house as it prevents negative and evil energy from entering the house and neutralises the wicked powers. Swastik helps in maintaining the sanctity of the home. It is suggested to hang the symbol of Swastik at the entrance of the house or at shop, office , place of financial transactions.

Made in Black metal and Copper polished

Size - 12 inches x 12 inches