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Khappar - vessel used by Sadhus to eat food and drink water , made of fibre

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Khappar is a vessle (container) used by Sadhus , aghoris , people doing tantra sadhanas to eat food and drink water. Many Hindu gods and goddess are depicted carrying Khappar in their hand like Maa Kali and Bhairav. Some Sadhus live in cremation grounds and eat food served only once in their Khappar . Its said that no one can disturb a Sadhu or person who eats in a Khappar and sleeps in the cremation grounds. A king would lose his kingdom, people would lose their livelihood and a yogi would lose his knowledge, if they tried to hurt such a Sadhu or person.

In few bhajans Khappar is mentioned there :-

"अम्बे तू है जगदम्बे काली, जय दुर्गे खप्पर वाली ।"

Details of Khappar :-

  • Material - Fibre
  • Weight - 400 grams
  • Size - 10.5 inches