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Shyamakali Mahavidhya book ( श्यामाकाली महाविधा )

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Maa Kali also known as Shyama kali or Dakshin Kali is first among Ten Mahavidyas. Shyama can be said to be just another name for Dakshinakali. Shyama Kali mahavidya book deals with Dakshina kali worship. Shyama Kali is yet another of Her manifestations. She is four handed, holding khadga and severed human head in upper right and lower hand respectively. The upper right and left are in varasa and varada mounting on a dead body respectively.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Goswami Prahlad Giri
  • Publisher - Choukhamba Krishnadas Academy
  • Language - Hindi and Sanskrit
  • ISBN - 978-81-218-0278-4
  • Binding - Paperback
  • Size - 9.0 inches x 6.0 inches
  • Pages - 338