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Beautiful Sphatik and Blue Sunstone Combination wrist mala

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This is our Beautiful Sphatik faceted and Blue Sunstone Combination wrist mala made up of 27+1 beads

Wrist Mala Beads are used for short meditations, and to count daily prayers. Use them as a lesson reminder throughout your day.

Blue Sunstone is considered as a fortune granting stone in India.It also brings prosperity and wealth in ones life.This stone increases personal power and will, as well as life force energy. Sunstone is also said to be helpful in contacting animal or spirit guides. Blue Sunstone is also called the stone of ambition and drive. Blue Sunstone increases wearer's energy level, while eliminating stress and/or fear.

Sphatik or Quartz Crystal is known as the Master Healing Crystal because it contains the full spectrum of light and as such will work on every level to bring the body into balance. It strengthens and stabilizes the body's energy fields and promotes harmony. Quartz can amplify both positive thoughts and energy and can stimulate positive action when it is needed. It can be held or worn to promote clarity of thought and to help you to see your way more clearly. Quartz is said to help you release any negative energy you may have absorbed from other people and to help you to fight feelings of inadequacy.

This beautiful wrist mala has 27 +1 beads in total.

We have used golden colored glass spacers inbetween the beads .