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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Brass Damru Large size ( 8 inches) premium quality

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DAMRU is one of the attributes of Shiva in his famous dancing representation known as Nataraja. A specific hand gesture called Damaru-hasta. Sound or Dhwani is said to have originated from the Damru of Lord Shiva. It is said that every perceivable and unperceivable object in the Universe has a corresponding sound.

Like a RIVER that unwaveringly flows in solitude to reach its source, so should our MIND float in the direction to reach our higher self. There is no other greater joy than finding your long lost self, for you know that the path you were on was deluded by false perceptions. Our minds are constantly occupied and distracted. SHIVA the divine energy realizes this and hence is portrayed holding a Damru / rattle drum in his hand. Just like a charmer trains a monkey with the damaru, so does shiva holding the damaru signifies the importance of silencing the mind, to silence the monkey mind which has lost the purpose of life and is seeking entertainment in distractions.

Lord Shiva’s Damru is basically a small drum that is often seen tied to his trishul. It is in tune to the this instrument that Lord Shiva indulges in his cosmic dances of creation and destruction. Unlike the larger drums, Shiva’s Damru can actually be played by the Lord even as he dances without having to break steps. In other words it is an instrument that compliments the art form of dance.

Shiva’s Damru also serves the purpose of evoking action. The booming of a Damru is facilitated by the mechanics of echo. The sound “boum” or the word”bamm” is often used as a prefix to Shiva’s name as “Bhola”. “Bamm Bholey!” then is a common address for Lord Shiva. In Sanskrit the word “Bamm” also refers to space or the fifth element that constitutes creation after air, earth, fire and water. The playing of Damru represents his mastery over the art of creation and that of negation because space is simultaneously symbolic of everything and of the void from which all things are said to have been created. It is little wonder therefore that the vedas fail to describe Lord Shiva and have to end up calling him “neti- neti” (or not this – not this)

Lord Shiva’s Damru is an instrument that encompasses within it many of the principles that are implicitly associated with Lord Shiva and his position of power and influence not only in the world of religion but also in that of the secular world where his example may be seen in terms of a complex metaphor that places a lot of importance on the human potential for creativity and the subsequent responsibility of temperance.

Details of Brass Damru:-

  • Metal - Brass
  • Size - 8 inches
  • Diameter - 7 inches
  • Weight - 365 grams
  • Sound - Very nice

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